Monday, June 21, 2010

New Items - Stratus Wunder Under Crops, Hip Halter Tank, Renew Dirt Dress, New Colors

Stratus Wunder Under Crops - Black, Wish Blue, and Citron

Stratus Wunder Under Crops - Coal with Pig

Hip Halter Tank
The Hip Halter is a really cute tank that was also released last summer. I really wanted to like this tank. It's a looser fitting tank through the mid section that only goes up to a 10 but the cups are on the smaller side so I spilled out all over the place.  Also, the neck strap created a lot of pressure on my neck.  The design looks unchanged from last year but I'll have to try it on next time I am in the store.

New Colors - Citron Cool Racerback with Cool Cool Racerback underneath
Citron looks pretty nice. I think the Cool is a minty-blue that looks similar to Aruba from last summer.

New Cool Racerback Colors - Electric Orange, Cool, Wish Blue, Citron (not sure about this, it almost looks like Mac N Cheese), and Pig

Two pics of the Electric Orange Cool Racerback - I think the top is more like the real life color - it glows

Renew Dirt Dress - Coal and Pig (it also reverses)

New Power Ys - Coal, Citron with Coal, Cool with Coal, Pig with Coal, Wish Blue

Hot Hot Shorts - Pig and Classic Sport Gray

New Flow Ys - Wish Blue, Citron, Pig

I think I like Wish Blue. I'll have to see what else is coming out in it. Citron doesn't look too bad either. I read there is a Push UR Limits in the new colors. Most of these photos are from Canadian stores. None of my Product Alerts mentioned the new colors so they are hitting Canada first.  However, a reader commented some of the items are in the US, now, too.

 Men's shirt in Party Pink - not sure if we'll see women's stuff in this color