Friday, June 18, 2010

How to Look Great at the Gym or On Your Run - Lots of Outfit Ideas

I love every single one of these outfits:

Loving the Angel Energy SL and matching Empower crops. I might have to get that tank.

Savage Swiftly and Groovy Run Shorts

Potion Purple Run: Swiftly Tee and Run: With It Crops

Run: Zoom Single in Heathered Coal Wee Stripe and Coal Energize Skirt

Passion Pep Tank and Zoom Knee Short

Cool Racerback and Run: Roll Down Short

Got My New Potion Swiftly SS - Love it!

My new Potion Purple Run: Swiftly Tech SS tee came today. I am loving it. I much prefer the Swiftlys in the bolder colors - I returned the silver one I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I see the Savage Green tee is almost sold out on line. I almost ordered that one, too, but restrained myself. I sense a new addiction developing. I cannot wait to see what other colors this will come in. I hope Bold Blue makes a comeback for the fall.

I like the tee shirt style so much better than the tank version. The website makes the tanks look good but in reality the straps get stretched out from hanging on the hanger with the weight of the security tag pulling on it. I've definitely seen this in the ones on the markdown rack. I hang my Swiftly tank at home in my closet and don't have a stretching problem at all, so it is definitely the security tag. If you are going to buy the tank or tee, try to order it on-line - that way it will be unsnagged (make sure to inspect the tees and tank carefully in the store - I often see them with snags) and unstretched.

I wore my Lagoon Swiftly tee to Disneyland today with my Coal Still Shorts. It was the perfect theme park outfit - comfortable, stretchy, & quick drying. I saw only one other person wearing Lululemon and she also had on a swiftly tee, the potion purple from last fall with the neon pink stitching.

For those of you who have Swiftlys in the long sleeve version, too - is there any difference in fit between the short sleeve and the long sleeve? The short sleeve is such a flattering fit, I am hoping the long sleeve is the same.