Monday, June 14, 2010

Running Stuff in Real Life - Pep Tank, Run With It Crop, Swiftly Tech Tee + Comment on "new" I Just Wanna Run Tanks

It's rather rare to see a really busty woman model anything Lululemon so I always try to post them when I can find them. This woman is wearing the Pep Tank and matching Empower Crops. Underneath the Pep Tank she is wearing the matching Ta Ta Tamer. The Pep Tank is a great tank for busty women.

Potion Swiftly Tee and Run: With It Crops in Coal

Knotted Tank

There's been chatter going around Facebook/web that there are new I Just Wanna Run tanks coming out in Lime, Potion, and Angel. I believe someone got a product alert and posted the news. However, someone else asked about them today on the main Lululemon page and instead of the standard "we're never sure when anything is coming out" answer, the educator said they hadn't heard the IJWR were coming out in those colors. I did seem to be odd the the Energy SL and the IJWR would come out in the same colors so I think a store put the wrong item in the product alert. Too bad, I would have bought a potion IJWR.

More Pics of New Stuff

Knotty Tank (Angel Blue)

5 Yr. Tee in Coal and Potion (Modern Racer Tanks come in these colors, too)

Pics of New Stuff & Colors - Knotty Tank, SE Cool Racerback, Modern Racer Dress, & More

Knotty Tank - $58

I kind of like this tank, except I wished it opened at a lower spot in the back. I'm not sure about the girl in the middle whether the wind caught hers or it opened up a lot because of her rear. If it's her rear, then this top won't work on me. I wonder if you could tack it closed at a lower spot but then you'd probably rip it when you sat down. I'll have to try this on anyway, I love tops that have knotted straps in the back.

Modern Racer Dress

This dress is cute if you have the body for it, otherwise, it will do you no favors.

Cool Racerback Special Edition - What's so special you ask?...

Stitching -  yippee

Lulu Crops in Potion and Savage - I am liking the Potion

Lulu Pant II in Potion and Classic Sport Gray/Frisby - I like the gray

Swiftly Tech Tees in Angel and Savage

Current colors of Namaste Coverup

Vita Tanks in New Colors

Classic Pullover at the Lululemon Lab - Hearing great things about this top