Monday, June 7, 2010

Pics of New Colors - Stride, Half Moon Jacket, Flashback

Static Charcoal Half Moon Jacket and Still Crops. This is a cute outfit but I wish the Static Charcoal Jacket was solid and didn't have the Lime and Potion accents.

Static Charcoal Stride Jacket

White Flashback with Savage Stripes

Run: With It Crops - All Colors

Shanti Crop

Major Upload Today - Sunblocker Pullover, Sun Salutation, Hats, Shorts, Totally Totetastic

A very nice surprise today - A few lot of new things were uploaded to the website around noon - Sunblocker Pullovers, Sun Salutation Tanks in Angel and Potion all colors, Baseball Hats (although not in Angel Blue), Running Visors, Running Bonnets, new Zoom Singlet colors, the Angel Run: Energy SL, new Swiftly Tech tee in Silver, Twisted Tee, New Remixes, and the the Totally Totetastic bag.  "

 Sweetart Remix with Dark Classic Sport Gray - What a pretty color!

Marshmallow remix

Silver/Potion Run: Swiftly Tee

Run: Energly SL in Angel Blue - was this always $58?

Run: Zoom Singlet in Heathered Coal Wee Stripe

New Items - New Colors in Power Ys, Wear With Alls, Flashback Jackets, and Cool Racerbacks

These were just posted on a Canadian Lululemon store website so I'm not sure if they are in the US yet:

 New Power Ys in Lime Horizon Stripe, Savage Green and Heathered Coal Wee Stripe.

New Wear With All - Me Likey! - Heathed Clarity Gray (not sure of the color)

More Wear With All Colors - Heathered Clarity Gray, Frisby, Pig Pink

Flashback Jacket in Potion - Love!

New Flashback Jacket Colors - I love the Dark Classic Sport Gray, Frisby, Potion, White

New Cool Racerbacks - Savage, Mac N Cheese Yellow, and Senorita Pink