Friday, June 4, 2010

Ebay Deals - Coal Be Still Shorts, Power Y, and Beyond Yoga Bermuda Shorts

I recently bought a pair of new Be Still II shorts in coal off eBay for $30. I have a couple of pairs of black Still shorts (not sure if they are still or be - they are a couple of years old) which I wear all the time in the summer. We're going to be going to Disneyland a lot and hitting Six Flags Magic Mountain and Lululemon makes great theme park wear - wicking, breathable, and fast drying after you get wet on water rides. I use my Still shorts for everyday wear because I prefer snugger fitting crops when I work out. The stills are loose in the crotch and tend to bunch up on me on the elliptical or bike.

I also got a black Power Y off eBay for a good price. I can't remember if I've owned a Power Y before. I know I've tried the Power V a couple of times and the straps cut into my neck. However, I am going to give the Power Y another shot but this time I intend to wear my Champion Powerback underneath since the built in bra in the Power Y doesn't give me enough support by itself. The bra is black so it isn't terribly obvious underneath. I usually hate visible bra straps but 98% of the women I see at the gym double up on support in their tanks, even in Lululemon. I think it's just a fact of life I'm going to have to deal with. I intend to use the Power Y more for casual wear than work out wear.

(Bermuda short on left)

I also bought a pair of Beyond Yoga Bermuda shorts for something like $25. I've bought a couple of Beyond Yoga cami tops and cotton square neck tanks which I really like but I hadn't tried the pants yet. I really like the material Beyond Yoga uses. It's very similar to luon but even softer (like pajamas soft), very breathable, and very stretchy. The material is a little less thicker than regular weight luon but it still covers panty lines and thigh imperfections. The Bermuda shorts are wider in the leg than Lululemon Clam Digger crops but not as wide as the Still Short. Beyond Yoga also has a New Bermuda short that is narrower in the leg and has pockets. I really want to try a pair of full length Beyond Yoga pants now and I love the look of these leggings and can imagine they'd feel so nice against my skin (I swear I keep "petting" my leg in the Bermuda shorts over and over - the material feels that nice):

and these leggings (the style, not the color):


I've read Beyond Yoga shows up in private sales like Haute Look or Gilt. I know I just missed one that happened in March. I also might try to find a studio that carries the line to see if they have any markdowns. Also, Dillards carries Beyond Yoga but I don't know if any other department stores do. It's easy to find the cami tanks for a discount on ebay but finding black pants and  the leggings is hard. I don't know if I would pay full price for Beyond Yoga since the pants lack features like ipod pockets but I guess it would depend on  how it looked and felt when I tried it on. So far, my camis are wearing well and show no pilling and Beyond Yoga gets good reviews for the most part on Amazon. Even though the styles are a little plainer, I prefer Beyond Yoga to the two Zohba tanks I bought. I like the fit a little better and I love the BY material. Also, Beyond Yoga is made in the USA whereas Zohba is not.

Playing With the Spring Fling

Some of these don't look half bad and a lot better than letting the tank hang there. She is wearing a macthing CRB underneath:

Belted Spring Fling - Reminds me of a Peter Pan costume...

 or maybe Robin Hood..