Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pic - Bliss Tanks on a variety of shapes

The Bliss tank modeled on a variety of shapes. I tried to try one on the other night but the 10 seemed tight so I didn't try to get it over my head. I'll have to give it another try in another color.  It looks like a cute tank for summer, not for working out but just hanging out.

Pics - Zoom Singlet, Speed Shorts, Stride Jackets

Stride Jackets in Angel blue, Potion Purple, White/heathered coal wee stripe

Savage Green Horizon Stripe Run: Zoom Singlet
I was worried this was an on-line only color but it seems it is showing up in stores. I am hoping it comes to my stores. I didn't want to buy green without seeing it on. I'm not normally a bright green person but this tank looks so cute on everyone who has modeled it.

 The whole color set of Zoom Singlets - Angel Blue, Savage Green, black, Potion, Heathered coal wee stripe

Run Speed short - with waistbands that match the Zoom Singlet

Lime/Potion Foxy Plaid

The plaids are so cute. I wish they could put the plaid on some power mesh and use in tanks or maybe make headbands from it.

Half Moon Clothes Modeled in a Larger Size

The West Edmonton Store was kind enough to take photos of a woman modeling some items from the Half Moon line in size 10 & 12. It's pretty rare to see this so I thought I'd post it for the more voluptuously proportioned women to see. If you are on the larger side, it's very intimidating to walk into a lululemon store but I think their clothes are the best designed to make the most of your curves, minimize your flaws, and make you enjoy your workout.
Half Moon Jacket and Crop in a size 12.

50 Rep Bra - Size 12. Note that she looks busty here & kudos to her for taking this photo. However, when she puts on the size 10 Half Moon tank something weird happens to her chest. We've seen this in many photos of this tank whether the model is a size 4 or 10. It must not give good support. I saw one photo of a woman who layered a Flow Y underneath the half moon tank. I'll try to find it. However, it's very annoying to double up on bras when the tank has a built in bra.