Thursday, May 13, 2010

Potion Purple Baseball Hat in Real Life

This photo was in one of my product alert emails. I am totally loving the matching hat look. I hope Lululemon comes out with matching hats with every color change.

Today's Upload - Weak - Scratch That - Not As Weak Thanks to Late Morning Additions

The upload was rather disappointing. None of the new Half Moon or Sun Salutation stuff is on it. Nor the new hats. The Potion Purple Push UR Limits isn't working correctly on the US side of the site and Canada got the full complement of colors. I really don't get Lululemon's business model and method of stocking each of their separate branches - stores, GEC, and website. If items are in the stores, why can't they hit the website within a reasonable time? I can understand the stores saying give us a head start or reserving some colors for the stores only but the disconnect is irritating as a consumer. I also can't understand if the Push UR Limits are in the stores in both Canada and the US, then why don't both sides of the website have the same stock. Arggghhh. I don't understand why they uploaded the angel blue Mynah crops but not the matching jacket. Were the Angel, Savage, and Potion Define jackets uploaded weeks earlier? They are selling really well in the stores. Also, why so many crops and pants? I would think Lululemon should concentrate on tops and tanks more than bottoms. I have almost double the number of tops than bottoms.

Update: So Lululemon uploaded more stuff around 11 am - the Biker Groove shorts, Flight Visor and Running Bonnet in Black (on the US Side), all the new colors of the Push UR Limits, the Static and Savage Remix, Power Y in Savage Stripe, Totally Tote Tastic in Passion.

I still don't understand Lululemon's business model. I am assuming they may want to give the stores some time to sell their new stock. I think my local stores just got the hats and new Push UR Limits in on Monday. I wonder if the US is getting the Sun Salutation tank. I haven't seen it show up on any US facebook site.