Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Product Alert - NEW! Bliss Tank, Biker Groove Short with colored bands,& Hats

 Bliss Tank
 Is this the mysterious new tank someone spotted in their studio earlier this week? It certainly looks similar to how she described it - flow y, ruffles, etc. This just popped up in my Lincoln Square (NYC) product alert. It looks kind of like the Rhythmic tank. I'm not digging the bulky elastic band under the bust and I wouldn't call anything with spaghetti straps moderate support.

Bliss Tank Product Description:

  • Flow through your Asanas in this loose, moderate support, flowing tank
  • Made with tencel® which is derived from wood pulp and is wicking, soft and light
  • Power luxtreme™ top is light weight with high LYCRA® fibre content, and inherent wicking performance to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit right for you
  • Mesh bra construction with built in pockets for removable cups

Biker Groove Short in Angel Blue/White Lycra Stripe

Yay! Lululemon is offering the biker groove shorts with colored bands. I wonder if these are reversible. I would think so. My black ones are reversible but the static charcoal ones weren't. Does anyone have both the new Zoom Knee short and the Biker Groove? I wonder if the different fabrics justify the big price difference, $74 to $48. I'm glad Lululemon is bringing back these longer shorts.

Photo of the Angel Blue baseball cap

I could really get on board with hats that match my lululemon tanks and jackets. I forsee a humungous collection developing if they keep making these. I wore my potion purple one today with my Majestic Cool Racerback and felt super coordinated. I know a lot of women at my gym wear hats to work out in. Until I bought Lululemon hats I always found them too hot for indoor exercise but Lululemon hats are very breathable. 

I really like the new baseball cap design. I have a couple of the older Distance hats and they were just too shallow for my head - more like a beanie. This cap is just right. It is also adjustable in the back. I am outside a lot for my kid's baseball and soccer games so my hats get a lot of use. If the hats show up on tomorrow's upload, I suggest you get one right away since they sell out fast on-line and in the stores. Keep up the great work on the hats, Lululemon!

My product alerts said they came in white, black, coal, passion, angel blue, and potion purple.

 Flight Running Bonnet in White

The Flight Running Bonnet is back in black, white, coal, and passion/lime plaid (buzz light year plaid). I've also seen a photo of a new one in Passion.

Flight Running Visor - back in black, white, coal, lavender/lime foxy plaid

Pics - Push UR Limits in Real Life, Mynah, Astro Crops

Plain White Push UR Limits - Yawn. Couldn't they have added contrasting straps/mesh panel to liven it up?

Angel Blue Push UR Limits - The color is washed out in this photo.

Potion Push UR Limts

Why couldn't they add constrasting straps or mesh panels to liven these up? The solids are rather boring. I love the back of this tank (although, I must say this woman has enormous shoulders - she must be a swimmer).

I love when jackets and tank coordinate like this. The tank has a bit of the jacket color in it. Unfortunately, stripes are the only "print" we are getting. I'm not a fan of the solid tank and solid jacket look - so ho hum:

The best fitting sunblocker I've seen yet.

Mynha Crop  - Coal with Heathered Wee Stripe
Mynah Crops - The coal/angel look ok, the STCH not so much

Astro Pant - I wonder how it would look one size larger

Static Charcal Knockout Short - These look nice.

More Pics - Astro Crops/Pants, Gather & Crow, Lime Stripe & More

Pics of the new Astro crops in the current colors.  I have to reiterate my warning about buying the static charcoal (STCH)/potion purple version of any of these crops, pants, or jackets. They will pill, a lot. (Here is another person who had trouble with her Static Charcaol biker groove shorts). I bought Still pants in STCH and they have pilled in the crotch area more than any other pants I have ever owned. I wear them sparingly, wash them inside out and hang them dry. I love the STCH material - it is lightweight and silky but the fabric does not stretch as much as regular luon and it will pill on areas that rub together such as the crotch and under the arm. Also, it is shiny, as can be seen in these photos, and will not help you hide your flaws.
Astro Pants

Lime Striped Grooves
Gather and Crow Crops
Sun Saluatation on a more busty girl

The Sun Salutation has an inner adjustable bra like the Intention Tank.

Sun Salutation and Half Moon Crops in Action

Sunblocker Pics - I'm not loving the fit with all the puckering

Runing baseball cap - $24