Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Store Trip Report - Tried On Sunblocker LS, New Hat Colors

I tried on the Sunblocker LS in the Angel Blue. The material feels kind of odd - kind of like a hospital glove. I was hoping it felt more matte like the luon jersey used in the hot yoga tanks but it felt more like a stiff luxtreme. It was also snug fitting so I can't see feeling very cool in it during the summer heat.

I bought the new baseball running cap. Unlike most of Lululemon hats this one does not have a zipper pocket on top. It's adjustable and comes in black, white, angel blue, and potion purple. I got the potion. It has a cute plaid pattern under the brim - potion, white, and savage green.

I also saw the new plaid Flight Running Bonnet. It's ok but I figured the plaid wouldn't go with much. The Flight Running bonnets come in lavender plaid, black, and solid white. I got a solid white one.

I also ended up getting a Define Jacket in potion purple. I usually don't buy jackets in colors. Although I did have a Raspberry Origami for awhile, but I have lots of purple tanks - Potion, Power, Lavender, & Majestic that I'll be able to get a lot of use out of the jacket.

More Pics of Sunblacker and new crop

This photo shows the back of the Angel Blue.

These are the crops I posted on Thursday. I guess these are Mynah crops but the site I got them from had no info. I'll post if I find out differently. I would think you'd put the dark color blocking on the outside to make a person look slimmer.

Pics - New Colors -in Mynha, Half Moon, Sunblocker Push UR Limits, Free 2B JAcket

New Push UR Limits in Potion Purple, Angel Blue, and White
I wish these came with contrasting straps or mesh panel but the solid Potion is pretty nice. Wouldn't you know that the first time I order something from the GEC, my store gets the tank in the same afternoon. I might still make a trip down there today because they got the Sunblocker LS in and a baseball hat that I want to try on.

Half Moon Jacket in Potion and Static Charcoal Crops with Potion and Lime Accents

New Mynah Jackets and Crops
I tried on the Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Minah on Sunday. I really like the HCWE pattern but I couldn't justify getting a jacket to go with one tank. I really like the Potion version. The Mynah jacket fits very loose and is quite roomy in the torso. It's not a bad jacket but if I had to choose one, I'd prefer a Define.

Sunblocker LS Shirt in Potion Purple, White, Savage Green, and Angel Blue
These are made of some special sun blocking jersey. I was hoping it would be matte and not shiny but I really like the Angel blue one and must try it on.
Run Roll Down Skirt in Passion
This is the skirt my sister bought. This girl must be pretty petite because it hits her in the same place as my five foot nothing sister.
New Baseball Cap - I'm going to have to try this on
New Flight Running Bonnets in Lime plaid and Passion

Potion Free 2 Be Jacket