Monday, May 10, 2010

Pic - Run: Sunblocker

Pic of the new Run: Sunblocker LS shirt. It's not bad looking. I'll have to try it on. The Angel blue one sounds very cute.

Dang - I'm on hold with the GEC trying to order the Potion Purple Push UR Limits....Yay! - He found one! I guess they just showed up in his system today. Now I don't have to bother running down to the store. For some reason, my local stores seemed to be running out of the 12s really quickly - I wanted to try on the new double band quilted Groove crops yesterday and they didn't have any, nor the Groove pant.  The GEC guy told me the third color of the new Push UR Limits is white - so they are coming out in solid Angel Blue, Potion Purple, and white. I am so happy! Now I just have to find the matching headband. I saw them in the slipless but that pulls my hair and squeezes my head. Off to spin class now.