Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day & Today's Shopping Trip

Dance Sweat Pant II

I went shopping in the hopes of finding the Potion Purple Push UR Limits but they are not in my stores yet. I am hoping they show up sometime this week since other stores in the US have them. The trip wasn't a waste of time. I tried on the Cool Racerbacks in Angel Blue and Potion Purple and decided I liked Potion Purple best with my coloring. I also tried on a Mynah jacket in the Heathered Coal Wee Stripe. The Mynah runs pretty big and boxy. I liked it but I really don't need another jacket. I saw the Half Moon crops and jackets but didn't love them enough to even bother trying them on. I tried on the Coal reverse to Black grooves. The luon felt really different - slicker and spongier than regular luon. If any of you ever saw or tried on the dark purple/black Grooves from last spring, they didn't feel at all like them. My local stores had some nice bargains. I ended up getting a pair of black Dance Sweat Pants for $44. What was weird that the second store I went to only had them marked down the $69 - $5 off.