Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pics on New Stuff- New Flight Running Bonnets (yay!), White Half Moon Jacket, Black Half Moon Crops/Jacket, More Half Moon Items

The Flight Running Bonnet is back!!! I am so happy. I live in this hat. I am outdoors a lot with working on my kid's playground and watching little league games. It also is back in black. I don't know if it comes in anything else other than the Passion, the Buzz Light year plaid, and black. I'll have to think about which one to get.

There is a Black and White with heathered coal wee stripe half moon crop and a solid black Half Moon jacket. Here is a photo of all the Half Moon crop color options - solid black, coal with angel blue, black with savage green, and black/white/coal wee stripe.

Here are some more photos of Half Moon and Sun Salutation pieces:

White Half Moon Jacket

All Colors of Sun Salutation Tank - Angel Blue, Coal Wee Stripe, Potion Purple, Savage Green, Solid Black

I'm not loving the Sun Salutation tank from any of these photos. Has anyone tried it on yet?

Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Scoop Neck with Black/White/Wee Stripe Half Moon Crops.

Latest Upload - Not Enough Stuff but Hint of New Crops to Come

Not sure if this is a new crop design or just a new color combo but it looks like a coal with heathered wee stripe on the side.

The latest upload didn't have too much except the quilted groove pants, crops, and shorts. I really like that pattern but I haven't worn my Groove crops in awhile now. I might order a couple of pairs of socks but I think that is it. I am getting a gift card for Mother's Day so it looks like I will be holding on to it for now.