Monday, May 3, 2010

Pics - Half Moon Crop? & More Matching Outfits

It looks like there is a matching crop to go with the Half Moon Jacket. I am liking both the Half Moon jacket (I always liked the Shape anyway) and matching crop.

Potion Purple & Static Outfit - Define, Groove Crops, Scoop Neck Tank

Dare I hope that the nightmare of the past year is over? Is the old Lululemon back? I am liking nearly every outfit that I have posted a photo of over the last couple of days. What is amazing is that these are all technical luon clothes. Finally! I know it's just basics - Power Ys, Scoop Neck Tanks, and Groove pants/crops/shorts - but a source told me that is what is selling in the stores - the basics. Not the weird and schlumpy Namaste pants or Get Started or Devi jackets.  We could tell that for ourselves by what is showing up on the racks and in Loot but it was nice to have it confirmed. I am glad Lululemon is having the stores put out photos of these coordinating pieces and making an effort to show us they still have it when it comes to simple basic exercise clothes. That is what built their company. They were foolish to have abandoned it. I hope there are more tanks to come and I will hope for a reappearance of the Athletic Deep V!

Pics of More New Stuff - CRBs, Scoop Neck Tanks, Define Jackets, & Half Moon Jacket

Coal/Wee Stripe Scoop Neck Tank
I love the Coal/Wee Stripe color combo. I wonder how other colors would look in Wee Stripe.

Potion Purple Scoop Neck Tank

Cool Racerbacks in Little Boy Blue, Lime, Lavender, Potion Purple, and Angel Blue

Define Jackets in Angel Blue, Savage Green, and Potion Purple
I just noticed how they put the matching cool racerbacks under the blue - Little Boy Blue with the Angel - and purple - Lavender with Potion Purple - Define jackets. Lululemon restricted their color palettes so much over the past couple of seasons, they have been missing adjacent colors to match with their main colors. I am so glad they are expanding their palette to offer coordinating colors again!

New Half Moon Jacket - $108

The new Half Moon Jacket looks like a Shape Jacket with a hood attached. I think it would awesome in Coal with the Black and White stripes on the sleeves.  What is that tank she is wearing underneath? I love monochromatic ombre fades/tie die.

Savage Green Stripe Scoop Neck Tank

Waiting for more Angel Blue and Little Boy Blue tanks to show up.