Thursday, April 29, 2010

Comments on Vita Bra, Vita Crop, Cougar Town

The Vita bra looks like it doesn't even fit the model correctly. Look under her left boob - I swear the bra is lifted away from her body like the bra is too shallow for her. Why are they making these non-functional bras? I wore my new All Sport bra to spin today and really loved it. I certainly could use the next size up because the girls were smashed in but they stayed in place and felt really supported. What is the point of these nothing bras?

I have to say the Vita crops look really comfy. However, I am not going to pay $86 for another pair of around-the-house pants. These would look good without a cuff. I'm hoping these hit the markdown rack.

My local store just posted they got in Angel Blue, Savage Green, & Potion Purple items. They got a bunch of Scoop Neck Tank, Power Ys, Ta Ta Tamers, and Cool Racerbacks but I don't know in which of the new colors. They have new Reverse Grooves in Coal/Black.

Did anyone watch Cougar Town last night? I thought Courtney Cox had a pair of Wunder Unders on in the first scene. She had it paired with a Beyond Yoga camisole tank.

Today's Upload

Run: Zoom Knee Short
Anyone get anything from today's upload? The only item I would be interested in is the Run: Zoom Knee Short. However, I already have the Biker Groove short (which were $48 instead of the $74 for the Zooms) and a pair of Passion crops so I don't really need the knee short. I was hoping to see some Angel blue tanks. Maybe Push UR Limits, which has become one of my favorite new tanks, or an Energy Sleeveless tank in Angel blue. Oh well, next week.