Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today's Upload

Lulu Crop

Did anyone get anything from today's upload? I got a black Flashback jacket but that is it. I like the Lulu crops but I just bought the loot Flashback crops and don't need anymore french terry crops, particularly $64 ones. I wonder why they changed the design on the new Flashback crops and eliminated the leg pleats. As some one commented here, the leg pleats made the Flashback crops unusual.
 New Flashback crop - no leg pleats

Old Flashback crops - with pleats

Did anyone notice hot the Hot Yogi Tank and Bra doesn't even fit the web model right? Her boobs are totally smashed and in the tank the cups are not long enough so the band that goes under the breasts are riding up. Why are they making the cups so small on these tanks and bras?

The Chevron Modern Racer Tanks (at full price) do nothing for me. Do you like them?