Sunday, April 18, 2010

Today's Lulu Shopping Trip

 Run: Energy SL
I went to my other local Lululemon today. I went with the intent of scoring some markdown items but I ended up getting a Run: Energy SL in lavender. I have the I Just Wanna Run in Lagoon but I think I like the fit of the Energy better. The back of the Energy is definitely much more flattering and hugs your curves. The Energy ran large but not as large as the I Just Wanna Run. I could have gone with my size but I went down one size so the back fit a little snugger. I'll have to decide whether I am going to keep my I Just Wanna Run now. I don't love the lagoon color on me. However, summer is coming up and the silverescent tops are awesome for hot weather workouts so I'll wait until it warms up and see how much I wear the IJWR.

I Just Wanna Run

I tried on the Flashback jacket and totally liked it. I thought it was really cute but I didn't want to spend $98 on a sweat jacket. I'm just not that big of a jacket person.

I saw the new chevron-striped Modern Racer. It doesn't do much for me. The stripe pattern reminds me of clothes I had back when I was a kid in the 70s. I also don't like the dull gray background. If it had brighter colors, I might like it better.

My store had Principle Jackets marked down to $49. I was so tempted to get the coal gray one but I know I wouldn't wear it as much my black one.

I was hoping to see the Namaste pants marked down to $29 but they were the same price as on the website - $54. The store had a big pile so I'll keep waiting.

I saw the new Mynah jackets and pants. They were cute enough, but I didn't bother trying them on since I'm not in the market for a new luon jacket or striped pants.
My store also had a bunch of running shorts and skirts marked down to $19. They were a total deal but they are so short I would never wear them.