Monday, April 12, 2010

Pics - Free 2 Be Jacket, Get Started Jacket, & More

The Free 2 Be Jacket looks pretty cute. I'll definitely have to try it on.

I didn't realize the Get Started jacket was made of luon. It also has a mesh back. It's interesting looking but still a bit too short. I like the Passion and Black versions the best. I'll have to try it on in the store but I'm not really in a market for a new luon jacket unless it's really eye-catching or offers me something my other jackets don't have. That being said, I love my new Principle Jacket. I don't mind the shorter length at all. It gives me a little extra coverage on my shoulders and chest.
Zoom Bike Shorts

More Run: Like The Wind Singlets. I'd like to see these modeled on a bustier woman just to see how it looks but I suspect it won't look that great. It does nothing for these women.
Lulu Pant 2 in Heathered Clarity Gray and Lavender

Pep Tank and Zoom Crops

More Elevate pants - it doesn't seem to fit so well through the crotch area.