Saturday, April 10, 2010

Free 2 Be Jacket, Run: Like the Wind Pullover + Misc.

Pics of the new Free 2 Be Jacket. It looks interesting & kinda cute. I read that it's only in some stores in the US. I think these photos were from the Pearl District (Portland) store. They seem to be the first to get stuff in the US so it'll probably hit my local store later this week.

The new Run: Like The Wind Pullover. It's made of luxtreme. Some woman posted this on the Lululemon facebook page. The color blocking is interesting, although I don't care for this color combo. One person commented that it reminded her of Buzz Lightyear and I totally agree. Lululemon should do a tie in with Toy Story 3. ;-)

It also comes in solid black and white with the wee gray stripes. I've owned a few long sleeve luxtreme tops now and ended up selling every one of them. They just tend to ride up on me as I walk which is what I would buy these for. Maybe I have too much twisting hip motion and too much bedonkadonk but I have to keep pulling them down. That's true of my luxtreme tanks, too, but I wear those to the gym where I'm on one machine or another most of the time.

I like the color blocking of the pullover when on the hanger but on a person, it doesn't seem to do much for her figure, not that it needs any help at all.
I think the color blocking is more figure flattering on the Hills pullover.

More photos of the Elevate pant. They look super comfortable but they also look like they add bulk to your frame. Maybe the black are better.

Here is an interesting set of photos that show the differences between the Swift and the new Push UR Limits. I will comment I think this woman has sized way down in the Push because it is really short and tight on her midsection. My Push comes to my bikini line and I'm 5'5".

Swift Tank
Push UR Limits Tank - More of a V- Neck
Swift Tank
Push UR Limits Tank
I recently got a Bold Blue Swift Tank from ebay and I find the Push UR limits to be more supportive. I really like the Push UR Limits a lot. I'm hope to find the wee stripe gray one in the store this week.

Run: Like the Wind Singlet

Product Info:
  • All the style of a cropped singlet but with more coverage!
  • The luxtreme™ overlay is light weight with inherent wicking performance to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Light weight body made from circle mesh, is high wicking, quick drying, with an anti stink Chitosan finish
  • Pocket to stash your cards or keys
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
I finally am going through my Product Alerts. So, this top doesn't have a built in bra? Looking at my other photos I guess not. I wonder how much it is. I'm guessing $58 because of the two layers and color blocking. An all circle mesh tank might be really cool and comfortable but I don't like the luxtreme flap at all. I'm going to see if I can visit the store tomorrow or at least sometime during the week to see this in person.

Totally ToteTastic Tote

The Totally ToteTastic Tote is $68.

Product Info:
  • Hitting the beach? We've made this out of neoprene--the ultimate beach fabric (get it wet--we dare you)
  • Hitting the gym? Not feeling an 80's revival? Reverse it and rock out with your nylon out
  • Plenty of zippered pockets keep all your valuables secure and dry
  • Chunky plastic zippers won't damage your Wunder Unders
  • Tested to hold 50 lbs