Thursday, April 1, 2010

Principle Jacket in Loot

Lululemon added a few new things to Loot, including all their Principle Jackets - even the new Coal and white one.  It's only marked down by $19 but at least it's more in the range it should have started at. I got the black one. I liked this jacket when I tried it on, I just didn't want to pay $108 for such a short jacket. (How funny - I just re-read my own try-on review and I said I'd consider getting it if it got marked down by $20 or so.) I like the tailored look and the quilted details - this jacket seemed very solidly made and that it wouldn't lose its shape after washing  (which is a concern I have with some of the french terry jackets). I love how the jacket looks in this photo - now all I need is a motorcycle to complete the look.  ;-)

PS - So what is up with all these clothes moving to Loot so fast? The Devi crops and pants are in there at a fairly attractive $59, considering they were $86 and $98 to start with. The useless Pick Me Up bra is $24, from $42. The shlumpy Go With the Flow and no-way-in-hell-a-replacement-for-the-Deep -V All Out Tanks are $39. I'm hoping these flops underscore to Lululemon they have problems with their design team. They may not believe what they read on Facebook and on this blog, but I'm sure their bottom line speaks volumes to them.

Real Life Photos - Push UR Limits Tank, Zoom Crop, Here I Am Crop

Here I Am Crop
I bought a couple of pairs of the Here I Am Crop last week and I really like them. They are very comfortable. This is probably the best real life picture I have seen of them. I think they can be a cute look when they are not pulled up to the knee and made to look like harem pants.

Push UR Limits Tanks in real life
I really like my new Push UR Limits tank. I'm not a fan of the newer colors from the photos I am seeing but I'll try them on. The pink is still my favorite. I don't care for the contrasting straps on the Passion version (who is picking these combos?) and I see that tank is giving her the "round boob" look that the Swift does for me. I'll have to try the teeny gray stripe one on. The front is boring but I like the darker mesh panel in the back.

The new Zoom crops look like a hybrid of the Team Spirit Crops with the gathers on the leg and the Empower crops with the mesh panels behind the knee. I don't think I would buy the Passion version but I can apprecitate someone wanting a different color to run in. I don't know why they added the teeny stripe panel and a dark gray (or black?) color block behind the knee along with contrasting stitching - I think it's too much going on in one garment.

Interesting Prints

The Three Print design only came out in a couple of styles last year. I like this type of print, it seems a little less fuddy-duddy than pure florals, and it's visually interesting. It is much more different looking than anything from any other athletic wear company. I also like that it's understated in light gray and white.
Another mixed-type print from last year.

Another gorgeous print done very subtly - this is from 3 or so years ago.

Not a mixed graphic type print but one of my favorites from last summer. This top was featured on the cover of Yoga Journal. This was bold, but oh so fun.

If you look in all the above prints you'll see some hidden lululemon symbols. I love those.

It's funny that I get commentators saying they dislike prints, yet prints, unless they are in hideous colors, are the best sellers on ebay. I think it's because prints are what helped make Lululemon so unique in the athletic wear market. No one else does (did?) prints like they do (did?).

New Items - Elevate Pants & Energy SL Varsity Graphic (You've got to be kidding me)

Elevate Pants
The Elevate pants look interesting. I don't know if I am in the market for more casual pants but I would like to try them on to see what Tencel feels like.

Product Info:

  • Elevate your practice in this loose, flowy yogi pant
  • Made with light weight, wicking tencel silk
  • Made with 4 way stretch luon waistband can be worn as is or rolled down for a lower rise
  • Pockets to store $ & keys
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Wear to all your hatha and yin classes

 Energy SL - Varsity Graphic
Words cannot express how much I dislike the thought of wearing banal slogans on my chest. What the heck, Lululemon? Are you shooting for the 15 year olds now? Do the Abercrombie/Hollister & Lululemon customer sets overlap a lot? I know it's a lot cheaper to plop some stupid phrase on a shirt than come up with a nice print, but come on. I'd much rather have a plain shirt than this. Awful, just awful - lame, cheap, derivative, juvenile, out of date (hasn't this been done to death for years by Abercrombie, Pink, and Chip & Pepper?). I thought never-ending pirate stripes and space dye were bad but this is a new low. When I look at the beautiful Aria tank from a few posts ago and then compare it to what is out now I get totally depressed.

I saw the Zen Wrap in a store last night. It was ok. A bit pricey at $118. The one I saw had a snag in it so be aware that it probably snags easily. It's 13% merino wool so there is no way I am buying this. I haven't worn wool since I left the east coast 15 years ago. I can only wear Feel Good pants a couple months of the year when it gets into the lower 60s.

Remix Lulu Light
I don't know if any of you saw it, but there was a post on Facebook that Remix Lights might be back in the stores towards the end of April. I love my two remix lights. I only hope they don't put them out in easter egg colors. I'm just not a fan of pastel jackets.  I certainly hope they don't start printing Lululemon University on their sweat jackets now that we have the 'varsity' Energy tank.