Monday, March 29, 2010

Headbands Are Here & new WWA + New Colors & Run Tank Arriving in Stores

I got a Product Alert from my favorite store that new Mesh Headwrap were in in the latest pastel colors so I visited this afternoon. I ended up getting a Bubbilicious and a Passion Space dye headband. This is my first Space Dye anything but I think it makes a fun headband. The store also had Passion and Lavender in Mesh Headwraps, Dance, and Slipless headbands.  The store educator told me they are getting a lot of new stuff in this week, including new items in Lime and a new running tank but I can't for the life of me remember the name of it.

Wear With All Lime (or Clean Green, I can't remember which)

Wear With All Chirp - I Like This One

There are also WWAs in white, black, and dark classic sport gray.

I saw this today but didn't like it as much in person. As someone commented, the coal stripes are darker than in the photographs so it looks like another pirate-y striped top. However, this girl looks great.

I'm surprised how shiny these photograph.

I had to comment on how hideous this combination of clothes is, not to mention how it emphasizes the wrong parts of her figure. Lululemon makes such pretty items that are meant to be coordinated. I don't get the 'I got dressed in the dark look' of throwing on four items that don't even go together - coal & pink pants, lagoon swiftly tank, bold blue bra, & IDK what headband. This outfit isn't selling your clothes.