Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Pics - No Limits & White Grooves

I'll have to try the Coal / Lavender one on. I still like Passion the best.

I'm glad they are using a girl with a booty for once. Not that white pants help much. I wouldn't touch these pants with a 10 foot pole. White is just too high maintenance for me in jackets and pants.

More Pics and Lucy Sale

No Limit Tank Passion

For those of you who bought the No Limit tank -what bottoms are you wearing it with? The girl above has a pair of Still Pants on but I don't think that it's the best look with this tank since the leg is wide. The tank is so loose, I would think a closer fitting pant might look best.

Hot Yogi Tank
The Hot Yogi tank is made of Power Luxtreme on top and Sheer luon jersey on the bottom. A reader commented that it runs tight in the chest, as has been typical with the hot yoga tanks lately, with the exception of the No Limit. Bummer.

New Groove Patterns
I find this photo interesting because of the pattern on the right - the light gray vertical stripes. Is this pair of Grooves left over from last summer - because this was a print from last year:
This 3-Set tank from last year had the same light gray striped pattern. It also showed up in a Deep V and other tops but I don't have a photo of them.
Layer Me Bra
I saw the Layer Me bra in the store this weekend but I didn't even try one on. It only went up to a 10 and it looked tiny and so unsubstantial. 
Astro Crops in Coal/Bubbilicious - So cute!

Lucy has been having a big sale for a week or so now. I picked up a couple of tops for super cheap. I love Lucy for their sales. They carry Splendid and Pink Lotus/Green Dragon - both those companies manufacture their clothes in the US. This is what I got for $15 each (!).
Splendid Wrap
This is a very light tee shirt material wrap and super soft. It's not the perfect wrap but for $15 it's good enough. I would have preferred a darker color but they only had the white.
Pink Lotus Hooded Tunic
I also got this Pink Lotus Hooded Tunic with metal stud embellishments. I love tie dye tunic tops. I wish Lululemon would come out with a simple lightweight tunic top.