Monday, March 15, 2010

Photo - Layer Me Bra Lavender

Feel Good Pants Now $29 in Loot! (So are the Stirrup Pants)

The black Feel Good pants have now been lowered to $29 in Loot. The Stirrup pants are, too. I got another pair of Feel Goods. They are a great shlepping around the house pant. If you haven't bought them before, size up one size they run tight in the leg.

New Photos of New Stuff!!! - Layer Me Bra, Purity Jacket, White Denim Define Jacket, Print - Bubbilicious Horizon Stripe

Layer Me Bra in Passion
Since I have to layer a bra under a lot of Lululemon tanks I am interested in the looks of this one. I wish I had a photo of the front view. The front is supposedly comparable to a Flow Y, possibly a bit lower. The back view is quite sexy. I wonder if there is a tank it is meant to go under. It comes in sizes 4-10.

I did a little googling and it looks like the Layer Me Bra is an older design. I found one on ebay:

New Print - Coal/Bubbilicious Stripe
I hope some Bubbilicious and Black tanks come out. Bubbilicious looks great against black.

These headbands give us an idea of what prints are coming. The second one is Passion Space Dye. I kind of like it in the headband form. Maybe a pastel space dye won't be so bad. The last is the coal/bubbilicious horizon stripe.

New Pima Tees

Purity Jacket
Another half jacket - I'd rather get the Principle instead.

Define in White Denim

No Limits Tank in Black

Back of Sidewalk/Tang Light Inner Strength Tank

White No Limit Tank

I'm sorry for such a poor photo but I am 99.99% sure this is the new white No Limit tank. If I can find another that shows more detail I'll post it.

OT - I found this photo of a Sequence Tank. This is kind of how I look in mine, although I'm not quite as boobtastic as this lady, but I only wear it around the house without another bra under it.  She must be very popular at her gym.  ;-)  Work it, girl! I hope the Sequence makes a return for this summer. It's so cool - luon top and circle mesh every else.