Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Cool Racerback Colors Are Arriving!!! Yay!

Click to Enlarge the Palette

I don't have any pics but my Product Alert from the Santa Monica, CA store, the Bellevue, Washington, and the Seattle store said they just got in Cool Racerbacks in Bubbilicious, Passion, and Lavender!!! (The Bellevue store also got Sprinkler which I think is older) I'm hoping they spread across the US this week!!!!

I'm thinking I might get the Passion but maybe the Bubbilicious, too. Lavender looks a lot like Power Purple and I already have that. I think the Sheer Delight may be going back after all.

I wonder if they'll be uploaded tomorrow, too.

This Week's Upload - Nothing We Haven't Seen Before

Nothing that we haven't already seen on various Facebook store sites was uploaded today. I hope next week contains some new items but I'm not hopeful. My newest product alerts have stuff we've already seen, too.

Manifesto Racerback
The Manifesto Racerback is cute enough, particularly in tone on tone white but I find the $68 price tag daunting. I must not be the only one since no sizes are sold out yet and it's 2:00 pm Pacific Time. For the money I could get a pair of Wunder Under crops.
Hey, when did the Clam Digger crops get uploaded to the website? It kills me that they are $78. I got a pair last year and they were obviously left over from the year before because they had an old price tag. I think I paid $58 for them. I love my Clam Diggers.
Namaste Pant
The Namaste Pants look really comfy and great for around the house or as pajamas but not for $98. I'll keep an eye out for them on the markdown rack.
Pranotthana Crop
The Pranotthana Crops aren't that bad looking but I don't like the stripe down the side. The price seems a bit steep at $86 but I could care less about organic cotton. I only pay big money for the technical fabrics.
Sway Jacket
This Sway Jacket is so hideous. The neckline is awful, especially with pink lining - it looks like her head is being barfed out of the jacket. The stripes on the shoulders are disgusting. This is a design I'd expect to see in Walmart or Sears. The solid colors are not nearly as bad but the striped ones are abominations. Speaking of hideous...
If you want to wake up your gym wear the seizure inducing Tang Light Space Dye Define. An entire jacket of this bright space dye is a bit much.
Have I become desperate because I kind of like this hoodie print. I might even buy a tank in this print but it's got be the same colors. I don't like the other versions. I don't think I would buy a hoodie in it because I might be mistaken for a pink zebra.
The Inner Strength Tank is probably the best thing uploaded today. However, I have a million racerbacks so I'm not getting this. It didn't give me enough support so I'd have to put a bra under it. Why did they pair Tang Light with this? Why not try classic black? I wore my Sidewalk CRB with a black Hills pullover today and they look so cute together. Why doesn't Lululemon pair the grays and blacks together more often? It's such a neat, timeless look.

Checkout the Gun Show at the Lake Oswego, OR Showroom

These ladies have some impressive arms! I didn't block out their faces because I wanted to show how awesomely fit these over-30 ladies are, even if they are no longer Lululemon's "target market". Women who are my age and this fit really inspire me.

Best Facebook Comment on Today's Upload

Pranotthana Crop - A pink stripe? Really?

This is the best comment I read about today's upload. It's in reference to the Pranotthan crop:

what's the deal with the pranotthana crops? are these supposed to look like we are wearing boxer shorts underneath? maybe it's just me but what the heck?!?!?! im not a dude that sags to show my undies...sorry!

If these hair ties are a hint of the summer color scheme, I might be sitting that season out, too.

Iviva Offerings

Look at the color palette Iviva offers - a purplish pink, a dark pink, a light pink, and an orangey pink. Wow - all colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel. Hint, hint, Lululemon.
 A wild stripe pattern to pull everything together. I don't mind this stripe pattern so much because the width of the stripes is varied. You can make a lot of different outfits using the striped pieces. Hint, hint, Lululemon.
How cute is this jacket? Did the A team designers go over the Iviva and leave Lululemon with the the interns?

More on Changing Up Designs

I'm not getting why Lululemon isn't playing with their designs a little bit. They could use decorative edging (not black):
 Conditioning Tank from last summer - I would LOVE for this to come back this summer
Vitalize Tank
Why aren't they putting out a tank using two or three colors from this season. The 3 Set Tank did this in a really cute way:

3 Set Tank from last summer - So comfortable and looks great layered with a Flow Y

So did the Tri-Y.

Three tops that have the same colors in them but are all slightly different:

How about put some print mesh inserts in?
Or maybe a band of different colors like in the old Quilted Deep Vs?
Tops like these lead to so many different purchases because you can match them with so many different jackets, pants, and bras. Solid colors lead to very few extra purchases - one jacket, one pair of pants, maybe a bra to go underneath.

I think it's all coming down to money. It's cheaper to make solid colored tops. I hope they change directions soon.