Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Real Life Photos - Special Edition Cool Racerback, Beat the Heat Dress, Two in One Dress

Special Edition Cool Racerback
Other than a little ruching on the straps, the SE Cool Racerback doesn't look all that special. I don't care for the placement of the Lululemon symbol, either. It's shown in very ordinary Lagoon. They should have at least offered it in some unique, special edition-only colors, then I would be motivated to run down to the store to try it on.

Tangential Mini Rant - Who is the marketing genius that decided to release regular Cool Racerbacks in Lagoon and then put out a Special Edition in the same color? I already have my new solid color Lagoon tank. A little Lagoon goes a long way so I'm not getting another. The person who is in charge of the seasonal collections is obviously not a clothes shopper. Who would put out a bunch of different tops for an entire season in only three solid colors (black and white don't count) and only one (very memorable) print.  I don't count Senorita Pink either since that came out LAST SUMMER. I bought my SP tank then.  I mean really, the stupidity and short sightedness just pisses me off to no end. I have 41 tanks and NONE are the same color except for three solid black ones and two solid white. Less than half of my tanks are solid (i.e., only one color) colored at all but that will change since Lululemon isn't making many prints these days.
Two in One Dress - Blah

Beat the Heat Dress in Various Colors and Arrangements
The Beat the Heat dress doesn't do anything special for me but I know a lot of people are excited to get them. The girls need major support these days so a strapless tube top type dress is a pass for me.

Around Town Tote - More Photos and Product Info

Around Town Tote Details:
- two external pockets!!
- side zipper pocket holds a 15" laptop
- keep your sweaty clothes in the removable-water resistant, washable pouch!
- adjustable should straps for multiple carrying options
- interior pockets to hold your cell phone, make-up, tunes, and reusable shopper
- tested to hold 50lbs!
- available in black and senorita pink/generation electric print