Thursday, March 4, 2010

Real Life Photo of Inner Strength Tank

A woman was kind enough to post a photo of herself in her new Inner Strength Tank. It looks rather nice. I'll have to check it out when it comes to my stores. She gave it a glowing review.

Real Life Photo of Exhale Jacket & Devi Jacket and Pant

I don't like the hood in this photo at all. I much prefer it the way they have it on the website.

 Here is a real life photo of the Devi Jacket and Pant.

Still Shorts Don't Make You Look Like A Cow

Still Shorts in STCH - Moo!

What is up with the photographer and the latest batch of Still Shorts and pants? Did they change the design on them because they are adding at least twenty pounds to the model. They need a new angle or something.  Ugh! Here is a better photo:

I dug up a couple more photos of what may be still shorts from my files. I think these may be Still shorts since the file is labeled Still Short II.
I'm not sure if these are Still or Be Still, the pocket is rounder:
Neither is as bad as those in the first photo.

Exhale Jacket - Cute!

Exhale Jacket - Classic Sport Gray
Exhale in Heathered Clarity Gray
Black Exhale Jacket
OK, so I ordered one of these, too, in Black. It was a tough choice because I like all three of the above colors. It also comes in Lagoon but I prefer a neutral. I didn't feel like running down to my local store to try it on. If I hate it, I'll return it. I picked the black because I figured it would look nice paired with black pants and with a long colorful top - probably a CRB - sticking out from underneath the jacket. The Exhale sounds interesting because it is lined with mesh. I know I don't, and I've read commentary from other people that they don't like putting on a french terry jacket after sweating at the gym because it sticks to you and makes you feel hotter. I'm hoping the mesh layer solves that problem. However, I hope the mesh isn't the same that was used in the Super Tracker Jacket because that was itchy. I hope it's circle mesh. Hmm, I better list some stuff on eBay to pay for this.  ;-)

Product Info:

  • Check out the hood on this jacket - wear it up for warmth, down for basic or flip the hood out and show the cool liner for fun
  • Breathable mesh layer against your body, and soft cotton shell over top
  • Our own blend of cotton french terry is oh so comfy & breathable
  • Inner mesh pocket to keep your card, key or cash in a safe place
  • Added thumbholes for keeping sleeves in place
  • Chafe resistant flat seams for comfort
  • Preshrunk so there are no surprises when you wash me and zipper won't buckle!
  • $118

Around Town Tote - Totally Cute!!!

How cute is this? It's the Around Town Tote. I don't have any size info but it's $68 so I suspect it's on the smaller side. Arghhh, Lululemon, I already have a bag fetish. Don't feed into it!  ;-)

Upload Today - Devi Jacket, Devi Pant, Devi Crop, Sheer Deligths, Still Shorts, Cocoon Jackets

Sheer Delight Tunics - White and Sidewalk/Lagoon

I wish Lululemon wouldn't do new uploads when my spin class is about to start. Good thing I have an iPhone. Lululemon uploaded three new colors of the Sheer Delight Tunics. These have not shown up in my local stores at all.  I have wanted to try one since they first came on the website but was initially put off because they only went up to a 10. However, feedback on the Lululemon website says they run 1-2 sizes large so I bought both of these.  First I got the Sidewalk/Lagoon because I think I have a couple of bras that might work under it. However, it's kind of ugly so I ordered the white thinking I could use it in the summer when I play tourist at Disneyland. One is going back but I'll let you know when I get them which hopefully should be tomorrow afternoon.

Luluelmon also uploaded the Devi pant which looks interesting but I think it's not going to work for my butt. Take a look at the model's photo:
The pant seems to be pulling in the butt. I noticed that on a real life photo the other day but I didn't post it. I don't think she can size up because the fit is fine in the front and upper thigh:
Anyway, the pants are cute enough but I'll try them on in a store. However, I think they are not designed for bedonkadonk ladies like me.

On the other hand, the Devi crop does not have the same problem.  In fact, the Devi crop is a totally different design. Why they called them both Devi is beyond me.
I hope the Devi crop comes in a solid black because I'm not a fan of the stripes across the back of the thigh. They are both pretty cute pants, though.

The Devi Jacket was uploaded, too, but I don't think I like it based on the photos we've seen. It looks short and puffy, seemingly designed to add bulk to my middle.

More Photos - Devi, 1st 5 Mins Pullover, Run For Fun

The Devi looks like you might be able to use it for golf. I don't care for the Chirp version, however.