Monday, March 1, 2010

Real Life Photos of 1st 5 Minutes Pullover, Energy Pullover, First Wearing of I Just Wanna Run

1st 5 Minute Pullover - White and Lagoon

The top picutre illustrates well how translucent this pullover is.

Run: Energy Pullover - Tang Light and Lagoon

I Just Wanna Run Tank
Run: Swiftly Tech
I wore my new I Just Wanna Run Tank to spin today. I found it very comfortable and breathable. However, if I had to choose the most breathable and lightweight of the two tops, I'd probably pick the Run: Swiftly tech. I like both, however.

On a side note, a woman wearing a Lagoon Tracker jacket and a Lagoon Space Dye Power Y with black Wunder Unders chose the bike next to me. It was like we were twins since my I Just Wanna Run was lagoon. It's pretty rare that I see anyone wearing Lululemon at my gym let alone from the most recent collection. PS, Lululemon, she was rocking a size 6 and she was over 50 years old. So take your new target market of under 30s and suck it.

Swift Tank - Coming in Splatter Stripe Print
My local store put a note on their Facebook site that they just got some Swift Tanks in the Splatter Stripe Print. Could this mean there might be some Deep Vs, too?