Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Product Alert Pic - 1st 5 Minutes Pullover

1st 5 minutes pullover - Product Alert Photo

1st 5 Minutes Pullover - Dressing Room Photo
Wow, the 1st 5 Minutes Pullover looks so much better in the Product Alert photo. Lagoon looks a lot more blue than it does in real life.  It's hard to tell but the pullover is nearly see through.

Run: For Fun Tech SS top - Lagoon

Tang Light Space Dye Define Jacket + More Product Alert Photos

Tang Light Space Dye Define Jacket

Yet another Space Dye jacket but good news, the Define also comes in Chirp.

I Just Wanna Run - Chirp

Team Spirit LS - Black

Photo of Tang Light & Lagoon Energy Pullover + Product Alert Photos of I Just Wanna Run and Run For Fun Tops

Here are some photos of the Tang Light and Lagoon Energy pullovers - they have the same gray striping as the white version. I don't know why they put racing stripes on most of these pullovers. It's not needed.

My Product Alerts said the stores also got solid black Energy Pullovers as well so if you missed them when they were on line you can get them now.

Here are the product alert photos of the I Just Wanna Run and the Run For Fun tops. Both run at least one if not two sizes too large.
I Just Wanna Run Sleeveless Tech Top - Also comes in Chirp

Run: For Fun Tech Top - blah

Oops, forgot about the Run: Team Spirit LS top:
Run: Team Spirit LS - Lagoon