Friday, February 19, 2010

OT: Really Liking the Burton US Olympic Team Jackets


I think the US Snowboard Team Jackets are super cute. I much prefer this plaid to Lululemon's version in the Run: Leader of the Track jacket. Maybe because it's a traditional plaid pattern. I've read they aren't planning to sell them. That's too bad, I'm sure they'd sell a lot.


More Photos of Stuff in Stores

Here I Am Crop - Ugh!

Biker Groove Short - Static Charcoal

Biker Groove Short - Black

Bra Comparisson

Received My Biker Groove Shorts - Dimensions, Info, Impressions, Photos

Biker Groove Short

My Biker Groove Shorts came today. As indicated by the photo, they are pretty long. My size 12s have an inseam of 11.25".   The front rise is 9" and the back rise is 10".  I compared the Grooves to my Pearl Izumi and Descente road bike shorts which both have inseams of about 11" but with big butt pads so they ride higher on the leg. The opening at the knee narrows quite a bit to 7".  In contrast my Tall Boogie On shorts which have an inseam of 9.5" has an opening of 9.75." If I move up the Biker Grooves to the 9.5" inseam mark the leg opening is still only 8" so they are a snugger fitting short.  The Biker Groove Shorts have a 1.25" band of material at the leg opening. It seems like it is meant to be constrictive to help prevent riding up,  you can see this in the photo of the model on the Lululemon site - her leg is pinched in a bit. There is no gripper elastic on the inside. 
 Close Up of Knee Area on Biker Groove Short

 I won't be able to wear them to spin class for a couple of days but I laid (lay?) back on my bed and did bicycle motions and they seemed to stay in place well enough. They are certainly long and snug enough that I don't think riding up will be a problem.  The tag says they are reversible and the logo is in the same spot on both sides of the waistband. I'm 65" tall and they hit me right about mid knee when standing. I think I will like them. Of course, this length short is not the most visually flattering, particularly if you have short legs, but I bought these for function in my constant quest to stay cool in spin class.

I forgot to add the shorts are not padded. Terry makes a padded liner for those who want padding in a non-padded pant. I don't mind there is no padding. I hate the full diaper look of the pads, especially if I am lifting after class. If I'm out riding on the road pads are necessary but I think they are overkill for a 60 minute spin class.

Here are a couple of educator photos modeling the shorts.

To give you courage to go long, here's a photo of Jessica Biel rockin' a knee length look. I think these are the Run: Split Crop from last summer.

More Real Life Photos - Clam Digger, Go Lightly Pant

Clam Diggers - Black

Go Lightly Pant

Some photos of educators in the Clam Digger crops and the Go Lightly Pant. I'd be interested in hearing a comparison of the Go Lightly Pant to the Energize pant from someone who has tried them both. They look pretty similar. I won't have a chance to try them on until this weekend.

Energize Pant - White Athletica Teeny Grey Stripe
This new Energize pant color was uploaded last week. I'm not a big fan of this color but I love my Energize pant. I'd get these on the markdown rack for around the house.

Still Shorts - On Canadian Side of the Website

Still Short
The Still Shorts are showing up on the Canadian side of the website. I'm hoping they'll come to the US side soon. They are one of my summer staples. I love wearing them when I am playing tourist on hot days. These and the Clam Digger crops are my two favorites when the weather gets warmer. Although I like the snugger fit of the Clam Digger, if I had to choose one, I'd go with the Still Shorts. One reason is the Still Shorts are $20 cheaper. Another reason is the Clam Diggers tend to slip down as you walk. A third reason is the front pockets of the Stills. That being said, if you can swing it, get both.

Oh yeah,just to be clear, I don't wear either of these when I go to the gym. I don't do yoga so maybe they are great for that but I do cardio on the elliptical, treadmill, and stairmaster and both of these shorts have issues. The Stills are very loose and tend to bunch up on me and the Clam Diggers tend to slip down. If I was doing something low impact like weight lifting they would be fine but for repetitive cardio I prefer a snugger fitting crop.

Still Short Product Info:
  • Loose fitting short is great for hatha & walking your dog
  • Made with 4-way stretch luon, hugs your body in all the right places with comfort
  • Wear the waistband as is for a higher rise or rolldown for a lower rise
  • Stretch drawcord adds extra stability and can be pulled through both sides of waistband
  • Front pockets to secure $ & keys
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • $58