Monday, February 8, 2010

The Clam Digger is Back and Some "Vintage" Designs Hit US Loot

Scoop Neck in Splatter Stripe Print
I'd really like this print without the stripes. It looks a little zebra-y in the Scoop Neck. It'll be interesting to see what direction the stripes go on on a Deep V, if they make a Deep V.  It might turn out better because they'll angle the stripes on the bra part.

Clam Digger Crop in Static Charcoal
More Clam Digger Crops
It looks like the Clam Digger crop will be back this spring. The Clam Diggers are one of my favorite crops. However, I don't think they will look that good on a wide variety of people in the thin-shiny-luon-every-flaw-revealed Static Charcoal. I hope they also come in black. The waistband tends to slip down as you walk but I still love them.

"Vintage" Loot - Lululemon has uploaded quite a few items to their US Loot site that are from two or three years ago. What gives me chuckles is that people on Facebook are oohing and ahhhing over the pretty prints Lululemon used to make. Maybe they'll take a hint.

Repose Tank in Scab Red
The Repose is from ~3 years ago. It was one of the first tanks I bought.  It doesn't look like much from the front but it is very comfortable. It has a higher neckline and a scalloped bottom so it's a little longer in front and back. It fits snug in the chest and loose over the tummy. The only drawback is that this top was made before they started putting cup pockets in the tops but the built in shelf bra is very comfortable. This is a design that works well for large or small chested women. For larger chested women I would say the support is low to the low end of medium. I would get one in a heartbeat but they don't have my size available.

Wrap Tank
This tank is also from ~3 years ago. Another cute, modest tank. This has a built in bra but I never bought one because the cross straps hit me in the wrong place.

Danza Tee in Billy Floral Print
Also from  ~ 3 years ago. The Billy Floral print is probably my all time favorite from Lululemon. Cute shirt, classic style.

Run Stride Tech in Tokyo print
I think the Stride Tech is from ~2 year ago. I remember liking this shirt a lot when I tried it on but going with another tank. That was back when I used to go to the store and had to pick from four or five that I really liked.

Velocity Vest
From ~2 years ago.I like this vest a lot better than the current Clarity vest. Lots of decorative details. I wish they had my size.

Ujayyi in Paisley Print
This is from last fall. I got the cousin to this Ujayyi in another floral in Sangria. I love the Ujayii and Tri Y for spin.
Dance Strap Tank
Probably from 1-2 years ago. I love the look of this tank. I missed getting this one but wished it was available in my size.

Dance: Grace Tank
A nice lightweight breathable tank made of lullure and mesh. It reminds me of a simpler version of the slightly older Aria tank.

Aria Tank