Thursday, February 4, 2010

Latest Upload - Meh

Run: Team Spirit LS Chirp
I've decided that between the two, I prefer Silverescent to Luxtreme for tops for workouts. I find the luxtreme heavy feeling and it tends to ride up because it's so slippery. However, I'm not a fan of the silver stripes in Silverescent. This top isn't bad but I'd have to try it on. I might consider it for $20 less. 

This is my favorite Silverescent top of all time:
It's the Shrug Tech in Anise. It's hard to see the detail from this photo but it has tons of decorative seaming, pleats and the back is just gorgeous. It's just a beautiful, feminine top with lots of decorative detail. Sigh, the way Lululemon used to make tops.

Lulu Pant II in Static
I love my Static Feel Good pants but hate the casual look of the elastic ankles. I might have to get these. I really love Static and how soft it is.

Denim Coal Groove Pants - Cute!

Featherlight Socks in Sidewalk
I've worn my new Featherlight Socks to spin a couple of times. I really like them and will get another pair.

Flight Running Bonnet in Senorita Pink
I ordered another Flight Running Bonnet, this time in pink. I wish the visor was on the website, too. It would save me a trip to the store.
Flashback Pant
Did anyone notice the pleats at the knee? I guess it's for function but it makes them look rumpled. I don't love these pants but I would buy them on markdown for around the house.