Monday, February 1, 2010

Talk about Bleeding!

Run Swiftly Tech SS
A Lululemon customer posted this photo on Facebook. It's her new Run Swiftly SS Tech shirt bleeding dye.  She had read that people have had issues with colors bleeding so she decided to be safe and presoak in cold water with a little detergeant. She wrote that it took three washes before the shirt stopped bleeding. One other person wrote in that she had a problem with a Pow Pink Swiftly Tech tee bleeding onto a towel after she had washed it. Other people wrote that they haven't had any problems with their Swiftly Techs so it seems to be intermittent but still it's troubling.

New Stuff Coming - Flashback Crops and Pants, Static DCSG Stride & Crops, & Pique Define

Stride Jacket in Static Dark Classic Sport Gray

Define Jacket in Coal Pique

Flashback Crop and Pant

Still Crop in Static Dark Classic Sport Gray with Athletica Gray Tiny Stripe
I tried these on this weekend. They were ok but I still like the full length Still pant in this fabric best. I also like the darker Static Charcoal better.

Flashback Pullover - Kinda Cute

Just uploaded to the Saskatoon, Canada Facebook page - the Flashback Pullover. Apparently there are Flashback pants and crops, too. The pullover is $103. The photo is far away but this hoodie looks kind of cute.