Friday, January 29, 2010

Lastest Upload - Nothing Too Exciting

Lagoon Space Dye Power Y
The latest upload to Lululemon's website was a yawner for me. Nothing made me want to place an order.
Drishti Bra
The new Drishti Bra has a racerback but I can't imagine the front pleats and seaming would sit smoothly under the Cool Racerback. I'll have to try it on to see how comfortable it is, but from looks alone I'm not burning to buy it.

Cool Racerback in Sidewalk
I really like the new color Sidewalk - so calming, sophisticated and understated- but I know it will show perspiration like nobody's business. I would love an Energizer Pullover in this color. I also wouldn't mind seeing a Deep V in this color with monochromatic accents like black or dark gray - no neon!
Modern Racerback in Pima
The Modern Racerback is pretty loose fitting through the abdomen and I don't care for the proportions as much as the Cool Racerback. I'm sure it's really soft and comfortable since it's made of Pima Cotton. I wouldn't mind a tank version of it so I could wear a normal bra. Why is it $3 more than the Cool Racerback which is made of a technical fabric? For the money, I'd probably stick with the Cool Racerbacks.

No Rain No Gain Jacket
I like the clean simple lines of the front of the No Rain No Gain jacket but I'll have to try it on to see how the pleats in the back look on me.  Also, it's $148 which seems a bit steep.

My latest eBay Lululemon purchase:
Snorkel Blue with Gingham Tri Y
I got a smokin' deal on a NWT Tri Y. I really love the Tri-Y for spin and working out on hotter days. They offer good support for larger chests and are very cool to wear because of the open upper back. I also love the iPod pocket. I love any top with an iPod pocket. I think I am going to try to get a few more. There was a very pretty dark puple one called Bruise that I've never seen pop up on eBay. I wish Lululemon would bring this design back.
No new technical tank designs today. Boo. There was a new Heathered Fruity Tootie Pow Pink Deep V uploaded but I swear they already offered that color last year. I'm not a heathered anything fan in luon, though. I also read that this was one of the colors that people have had run on them. There was also a Senorita Pink uploaded in the Sunrise Tank. I've tried the Sunrise on several times and just can't get enthused about that top at full price. All in all a dissapointing upload.