Saturday, January 23, 2010

Principle Jacket - Great Looking....On a Mannequin

The new Principle Jacket looks very cute on this mannequin.  On real women, it's meh...

Although, the back view on this lady is nice...

Too bad they didn't make a whole jacket. It has a nice look from the back.

The Principle Jacket is $108 which seems overpriced for half a jacket. If you're built like a mannequin or Victoria Beckham this jacket will look fabulous on you. For the rest of us, I suspect it'll be a pass.

Can you work on some designing some new TANK tops, now, Lululemon? I need TANK tops to wear when I'm EXERCISING.  You know, EXERCISE. The reason I first walked into your store. I didn't walk in because you were a great JACKET or CASUAL WEAR store. Do you think you might be able to put a little more effort into designing new EXERCISE tanks? And, no, putting out the same Power Y or Sunrise Tank in different colors doesn't count.  Although, would it kill you to put out some new prints and colors in DEEP Vs?