Thursday, December 30, 2010

What Color is Passion?

It is hard to find a photo that really captures what Passion looks like in real life correctly. To me, it's an more of a coral pink, tending to the orange side. To my husband, it's a dark peach color. I think the passion Knock Out shorts capture it pretty well. Here are a few more pictures trying to capture it:

I actually ended up getting the new Passion Define Jacket today (more in another post) and all my older tanks that had keen peach, persimmon, and alarming/torrid in them went best with the jacket so it definitely is more orange than pink.
This tank looked awesome with the Passion Define
My Persimmon Stripe Flow Y looked really nice with the Passion Define, too
This Deep V with Alarming looked


Becky C said...

I have that skirt but I didn't realize it was Passion. I guess that is good news since I have a passion ls coming my way. Yay!

LuluAddict said...

@ Becky C - My sister has that same skirt which I helped her buy so it definitely is Passion. It's always good when you can build on existing items in your collection.

hann said...

Just wondering why Lululemon stopped producing products infun patterns like the ones on the tanks and bras in the above pictures. I love Lulu but I would love something other than a solid colour on a couple tanks.