Sunday, December 26, 2010

Try On Review - Resolution LS, Resolution Pullover, and Ambition Pullover

Passion looks too pink in the web photo
This is what Passion looks like in real life.
I came very close to getting the white Resolution Long Sleeve. If I didn't already have four running luon tops I would have gotten it. I really like the simple design and flattering, curve hugging fit. I thought it fit a bit on the loose side, maybe about half a size larger than TTS. It was definitely a looser fit than the Dash LS. The store only had my size in the white. I tried on the other colors in the next size down and it fit only a bit snugger than the Dash LS so this is definitely a roomier top, particularly through the waist. The Passion looks more orange in real life and less pink than it does in the web photo above. Passion just doesn't look that good on me so I was reminded again why I don't have any Passion tanks. The photo on the website makes this top look more like Fruity Tootie pink than Passion. I tried on the black/static black two-tone top but I don't care for the lighter panels to be along the side. That is reverse-shading that I think makes you look wider rather than narrower. If this top came in a solid coal or other darker, muted tone I probably would have gotten it. The white held me back for a few reasons: One, the fabric did nothing to hide headlights so I'd have to use cookies in my bra. Also, I was wearing a flesh colored bra so if I had a white bra you could definitely see it. Two, I am afraid of yellowing under the armpits.  And three, I know I will most likely stain this top by dribbling something on it because I like to wear my Luluemon all day long. In the end, I decided to save my Christmas money for some new tanks.

I tried the Resolution Pullover on in the Static Gray. This top has a lot going on - static or microstripe fabric, decorative seams all over the place, circle mesh panels, hoods, ruching in the front and back, kangaroo pocket, blingy zippers. It just seemed like too much. I thought the top fit TTS but snug through the upper arms and shoulders and if you have a booty the back puckering looks a bit weird. I like to wear my pullovers unzipped but this one looks awful that way. The ruching at the neck and the low yoke is just not that attractive a look. This was an easy pass for me.

I also tried on the Ambition Pullover. I thought this one fit true to size but a bit snug in the shoulders, upper arms and chest, too.  If you have a big chest this top won't look nearly as nice as it does on the model so size up. This one looks best if you cinch up the neckline when the hood is down otherwise the neck is kind of ugly. However, I just can't see running (or even walking) with those ties swinging around bouncing on your chest. I would think it would be extremely annoying. This was another easy pass.


ojodeazul said...

Thanks for the fit review. I may stop by Fashion Island today, but I bought a bunch of stuff off the website. Some run fast shorts that I love, the dash crops in haze/coal. I also got the new resolution shirt because it was just too fun to pass up, we will see how it looks on me. Also got the ambition in passion, but I am having the same thoughts about those drawstring when running. We shall see. Also got the singlet in faded zap as I LOVE that color. I wish there was a running pullover in that color, the hubby would be happy with something that bright when I run in the early morning.

LuluAddict said...

I think the Resolution LS is very nice and the best of the new running tops. If it came in different colors that appealed to me better I definitely would have gotten it.

The running crops were the best deal on the website as far as I am concerned but I have four pairs of crops and two pairs of Zoom knee shorts so I am covered as far as luxtreme bottoms go.

I am really at the point where I have all the basics and only need to buy to add only special items - prints, colors, or unique designs - to my collection. My fist love is the tanks, though. When some cute new tank or print hits I'll be all over it. If a returned Rose print CRB shows up I think I will get it. I kind of regret not getting it now.

Anonymous said...

I tried on the Ambition pullover and it was a pass for me. I'm petite and I actually found it a bit long on me. I didn't like how the hood fit while up (was a bit loose for running), and didn't like the ties in the front. I agree it may annoy me when running I much prefer the Alpine pullover.

I also liked the White Resolution long sleeve, but didn't buy as I know I would get it dirty.

An Inquiring Mind said...

This was super helpful, I have the passion LS in my cart right now and I don't like the real life photo so I'd have been dissapointed when I got it. Now I'm not sure if I want the black one or not.

Anonymous said...

I trust your judgement and ordered the resolution LS. I've seen some photos of the ambition pullover, it looks weird with the pouch in the front when it is worn tight, not very flattering.

LuluAddict said...

@ An Inquiring Mind - The passion is a bit oranger in real life than the web photos. I like it a lot on my sister who is blonder than me but I just don't like it on me. Snorkel Blue is a nice color, too, in the Resolution - very upbeat.

@ Anon 2:05 - I'm feeling the pressure - I hope you like the Resolution as much as I did ;-) but I think you will.

Anonymous said...

I bought the ambition pullover in passion today and I actually think it has a great potential to be as great as my older pullovers ( Spirit, Energy, inspire...).
I love the fact that it's long ( I'm tall) and I find it flattering. I stayed tts and bought the 4 . I agree that if you have a big chest, you will need to size up.
I think the location of the drawstrings will be fine while running but I will know for sure only after my first run in it. The drawstrings need to be tied and not loose( as shown in the picture). Also, the color looks more like alarming with orange in it than the pink that is shown in the picture.

Anonymous said...

I've ordered the ambition pullover in passion, and I'm hoping the colour is the same as it was last year. It was certainly not as pink as it appears on the website, but nor was it as orange as the picture here of the blond woman in the resolution long sleeve. It was quite a lovely coral colour. I hope I'm not disappointed. Also, I hope i've got the sizing right. I usually order anything with sleeves in size 4, because I find the 6 too loose around the shoulders, but I've definitely got a booty, so I'm hoping it's not too tight around the hips causing the luxtreme to ride up.

Anonymous said...

actually the passion colour is very pink in real life. the photo of the girl where it looks orange is very off in colour just so you know