Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Try On Report - Lift Your Spirits Jacket, Rejuventate Jacket, Challenge Jacket

I went to the store today with the intention of picking up the new Coal/Black Roses Push UR Limits but unfortunately the 12 had one back strap that was almost completely white which negates the whole purpose of getting this tank. I had the educator get me another 12 but it was the same thing so I had to take a pass. I did try on the 10 which had the print all over the straps but it's too small for my chest.

While I was there I tried the Challenge Tank again since it's been repriced down to $58. I ended up getting it. I think this tank is very supportive and a flattering fit for women with larger busts. I also like the fact that the thicker material means I won't have to wear the cups for more coverage. I am curious to try this material and am hoping the mesh panel in the back will keep me cool during spin class. I am planning on wearing it to my Friday class and will let you know how it feels then. However, I won't take the tags off until I see what is uploaded tomorrow morning.  ;-)

I tried on the Challege jacket, too, since I forgot to try that when it first came out. The jacket was surprisingly roomy in the upper arms and shoulders.  I really don't like the short length, though, and could feel a breeze at the small of my back. This is a jacket that you have to wear zipped most of the way up because it doesn't have a symmetrical opening and the heavy snaps pull it open and flop on your chest. I prefer to wear my jackets partially unzipped to the breast level, like you see people do with the Define, so you can see my tank peeping out. However, I do like the feel of the material and hope there are more jacket designs coming in this material.

Back view of Unzipped Lift Your Spirits

I tried on the Lift Your Spirits Jacket and it looked awful on me. The upper back portion sagged down over the lower ribbed portion. Even if it didn't sag, I just really didn't care for the look of the jacket. If  The material is very thin but I can't really see reaching for this on colder winter days. This is a material more meant for warmer months.

I also tried on the Rejuvenate Jacket in the light gray (same as above photo) and I felt like I looked like a sheep in the front. The back wasn't that bad. The zipper is the big metal zipper with the sharp teeth that I dislike. I thought the upper arms fit a little snug. Also, the closure is asymmetrical so this is a jacket you can't leave hanging open. It doesn't look good at all open, unlike the Principle Jacket which probably looked better hanging open than closed. The jacket is made of french terry and is $128. Here is the info from the hang tag:

- A warm insulated jacket great for chilly days to and from your activities
- Our own blend of breathable cotton french terry with stretch so it won't bag out
- Lined with a soft cotton jersey for extra comfort
- High insulated collar to help protect your neck from the elements
- Thumbholes for keeping hands warm and sleeves in place
- Cold Water Wash and hang /lay flat to dry

I also saw the new Run: Hustle Crops ($86), Run: Ambition Tights, and run: Ambition Crops but they didn't have my size so I didn't try them on. It seems that the latest batch of luxtreme bottoms feel a bit thicker to me than the ones I have bought before. The material on the Hustle Crops felt as thick as the Inspire crops. I know the Ambition Tights and Crops are brushed luxtreme but when I felt them with my fingers they didn't feel any thicker than the Hustle crops. You can see they are brushed on the inside but as for feel I couldn't tell a difference.


danadcbc said...

How dissapointing about the Push Ur Limits print on the strap!! Or lack of! I LOVE prints, but should items like this really pass quality control? I remember ordering 5 splatter stripe printed headbands from online before getting a decent one. I even got 2 that were all white with only a small orangish blotch, it looked more like a make-up smear then splatter.
I've ordered a Live Simply Crew Neck Tee in Black Roses Print..I hope I hope I don't have to return it with the reason "Target on my tit" :)

Anonymous said...

I went to my lulu store tonight. I noticed the 12 was fine (read your post), but the 8 was the same as what you posted. More evidence that lululemon is lacking quality control. I am really starting to question whether this company is worth my hard-earned money!!

Glow said...

I tried on the Challenge Jacket today too! I thought the short length would be flattering to a petite frame, which to a degree, it was, but I have the same complaint as you: it looks odd if left partially open. I want a little more versatility for $128. I also found it weird that the back is literally shorter than the front. Needless to say, I passed on it. I'd only buy it for under 100 bucks on the sale rack.

yv said...

i picked up the push ur limits in the rose print today...and to be honest i just grabbed the first size 4 there was since my other local lulu was out in my size. as i read your post i ran to my closet to check...surprisingly the majority of the strap is printed so i'm happy. i'm going to give it a whirl tomorrow. the push ur limits tank is truely my favorite. but where is the rose print CRB...or is it just a myth?

Anonymous said...

Bought the rejuvenate jacket.. really like it .. but agree arms are snug ...

Anonymous said...

Bought the rejuvenate jacket, love it!!! Super cute in black.

LuluAddict said...

@ yv - I've seen photos of the rose print CRB so it exists but apparently not in the US. ;-) Maybe it will show up tomorrow.

@ anons - I think the Rejuvenate can look cute on you if you are long legged and slender with narrow hips/thin legs. On me it was all kinds of wrong.

Michelle Q said...

Luluaddict - I was at the Irvine store today! I wish I had known about the lower price on the Challenge tank. I saw it on the wall, but it was the original price. I ended up with a black roses power Y. I wasn't too sure of it on the hanger, but when I tried it on I fell in love!