Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sneak Upload - Black and White Happy Heat Tank

I think Lululemon just snuck this on the website tonight. I thought I would like it more but it reminds me a bit of a tuxedo or a penguin. I might try it on once it hits the store.


momof5 said...

I bought this tank in solid black on ebay (way cheaper) after returning my violet one because it was itchy and the black for whatever reason is not as itchy -- I love the solid black one - it is very flattering for us less endowed chicks -- but feminine and pretty too - IMO

AZ Lulu Fan said...

I love my solid black Happy Heat tank too. It's perfect for Hot Yoga, doesn't show sweat. Most gals wear a sports bra and shorts, but I'm too self conscious about my stretch marks to bare my belly. The Hot Yogi tank and No Limits tank also work well for Hot Yoga.