Friday, December 3, 2010

Shopping Trip and Try On Report - Hustle Jacket, SE Scuba, Pique Define, Rose Print Love

I went to the Irvine store today to try on the new Hustle Jacket. I really like the plum colored one. I thought this jacket fit very similar to the Track and Field jacket except the back did not pouf out as much at the bottom. The running luon cuff does not have a slit for GPS watches like the Inspire jacket. It also doesn't have a back zip pocket which is where I like to put my cell phone when I walk. I tried it on with a CRB and the lining was very soft. The armpit is actually double lined with circle mesh. The plum version had plum circle mesh on the exterior and coal circle mesh on the interior. The ruffle on the back is ok and I'd probably prefer the jacket not have it since it already has a lot going on with the print and other details of the jacket. I liked this jacket a lot but I don't really need one so I will keep my eye on it and hope to snag one on markdown.

I also tried on the new SE Scuba jacket. I didn't think the arms felt any snugger than my regular Scuba which is a criticism I have read about this jacket. The shoulders also felt a bit roomier. The interior has a weird lining - it seemed like black felt to me - that picked up lint from the hood (can't imagine what it would pick up in my house with two dogs and a cat) and not as soft as my plum Scuba. This jacket also had the sharp, big-toothed metal zipper that I detest. I liked the color and the details on the jacket and the buttons seemed like the arms would remove from the jacket with a minimum of fuss.

I also tried on the Pique Define jacket. I am in love with the feel of Pique - so soft and snuggly. However, I thought the material is a bit too slouchy for the Define jacket which, to me, is a very structured jacket. My luon Defines always look so crisp even if I throw them over furniture instead of hanging them up right away. The pique Define looks more like a zip up sweater. I also had concerns as to how well the pique would wear in the Define because there are no folds or loose fit to hide flaws/wear like in the Stride. I would love some sort of pique luon pullover, though.

I ended up buying myself the Black Rose Print Power Y. Normally Power Ys fit me very snugly but I thought this Power Y fit very loose in this material, especially through the tummy. It could be the batch I got but this material may have more give, like the static luons do. I initially thought I would wait for the Rose Print CRB but I don't think it's been spotted in the US yet and if I'm going to wear luon I prefer to have my back as bare as possible to keep cool. I also like the fit and look of this Power Y. I plan to wear a Flow Y or 50 Rep under this for added support at the gym since the Power Y alone isn't supportive enough for me.  This is a print that you have to see in person to appreciate. If you are on the fence about getting it, I would order it to see it up close and then decide. I forgot how much I love prints, especially black and white ones, until I tried this one on. They are so good about camouflaging troublesome midsections. I also thought the Wunder Unders in the Black Roses print were super cute. I know they look a bit like long johns in the photos but it is much nicer in person. If I was a bit younger and had the legs to carry them off, I would be all over them. They are so fun.

I'm so annoyed that I forgot to take a look for the mini rucksack while I was at the store. The product alert said the Irvine store had it but they must have not put them out where they were really obvious. Oh well, another reason to go back. ;-)


Pattybea said...

Nice review...I have the power y and like it a lot. The mini backpacks were hanging on a coat stand like thingy next to the shelves of bags. Very easy to miss, definitely don't jump out at you especially since the bags aren't that big.

Anonymous said...

On Facebook the other day an educator said to keep an eye out for Pique Defines and Pique Strides because they'd had both in the past.......since the Define has arrived, hopefully the Stride won't be too far behind! I was seriously contemplating the Pique Define, but decided to hold out for a Stride because I don't have one yet and I think a Stride in that material would be more comfortable for me...a looser-fitting Pique jacket with a high collar and hood = AMAZING! :)

Luvlulu said...

When I tried on the Power Y in the roses print this week I also thought it was a looser fit. I just wanted to see what it looked like on and it was nice but I like CRB's better. If I didn't know this was coming out in a CRB I would have bought it but i did notice the looser, more stretchy feel to it. I really like the print.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon - They have had Pique strides in the past. They were nice.

@Pattybea - Drats! I totally forgot to look for the little backpack. They should have stuck them on the tables in the middle of the store.

RunMama said...

Good report :-) I tried on the SE Scuba today, I thought the sizing was the exact same as my other scubas (def. no smaller, maybe looser in the waist actually). I really liked it, but have to wishlist it as it's quite pricey.

Anonymous said...

MMMM.... Pique pullover. Dreamy. :)

Anonymous said...

I tried SE Scuba and it fitted loser in the waist than my regular scuba as weel. I also tried Pique Define jacket and find that it fells like a sweater and would not be as functional as the intent for what this jacket was designed. I would always worry about treat pulls. I could see this fabric be used in the pullover version but still I will be cautious about it. I liked the feel but how the fabric will hold in everyday use is questionable.