Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pics of the Newest Stuff - Resolution & Ambition Pullovers and Outward Bound Jacket

I hope you are all having a nice Christmas. I am playing with my new iPod Nano and can't wait to take it to the gym. Lululemon didn't do an upload today but I would think there will be one tomorrow the way they are promoting Boxing Day sales/new items on Facebook. I doubt I will go to the store tomorrow because it is typically crazy shopping tomorrow but you never know. If I go early enough it shouldn't be too bad. Here are some photos of the newest stuff to help you when you shop tomorrow:

Some close up photos of the new Outward Bound Running jacket. Not sure what the extra zipper is for. I would assume cooling.

 Run: Resolution Pullovers (Snorkel and Passion) and Run: Ambition Pullover (white) - Shown with the new Rad Plaid Speed Shorts and Ambition Tights

Details on the Ambition Pullover

Snorkel Ambition Pullover

Close Ups of the Run: Resolution Pullover


Anonymous said...

oh...i like the run ambition pullover! passion please!

Glow said...

I just noticed! The photos of the pullovers were taken at my local store. <3