Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Photos of Newest Stuff: Scubas, Inner Awareness, Yogi Dance Crop

This Power Y showed up in a product alert email. The color code is WHTAGTS which I think stands for White Ash Gray Tiny Stripe and will be an upcoming color.

More photos of the newest Scubas. Has anyone seen the MUPS Scubas in stores in Southern California? The product alerts that I've gotten so far have shown they've received the Luluacquard onces but not the striped ones. I'm hoping the stripes show up on line tomorrow.

Another photo of the microstripe Inner Awareness Tank. I guess it is a longer tank after all. I think I like this and Power Purple one best. It seems to be flattering on a lot of shapes.

Power Purple Yogi Dance Crops. It's interesting that the band is the microstripe and the bottom is the solid color.

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Anonymous said...

That Power Y looks like a recycled print from earlier this year! I have the exact same one in my drawer!