Monday, December 6, 2010

NEW! Lululaquard Snowstar Live Simply Jackets

 All three colors of the Lululaquard Snowstar Live Simply Jackets. They are $118.


Glow said...

I wish they offered this design in a shorter hoodie, it's really cute.

Anonymous said...

I bought the black one! I couldn't decide between the grey and the black for a while...but I decided on black because it's a bold pattern - why not let it stand out as much as possible!

I like it longer because I like that I can wear it without any bottoms on my hot yoga gear. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

ALSO - this will be helpful to some. I live in NY, and i have been out for the last three nights in a row (very cold) and I have only worn this jacket out. It is wonderfully warm! :)