Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Heads Up From Australia

Snorkel Blue/Snorkel Blue Microstripe Stride Jacket

Other goodies that will be coming:

  •  Also, Strides in Passion/Passion Microstripe, Faded Zap
  • Black Sailor Stripe/White Power Y (I might get this one, I love the B&W Sailor Stripe)
  • Run Revitalize Tank in Snorkel Blue/Snorkel Blue Microstripe and Passion/Passion Microstripe
  • Happy Heat Tank in Black and White


Anonymous said...

yes! i love bright colors. i can wait to get some new WU pants with bright quilted tops. :)

Tita said...

Hmm...what kind of color is Faded Zap?

Anonymous said...

Faded Zap is a yellow, see the second pic down:

Anonymous said...

Yay - love faded zap. I only discovered lulu in March and a faded zap CRB was one of my first purchases!

Christine said...

I love faded zap it is a fabulous color. I ran a half in my faded zap CRB and faded zap checkmate speed shorts. They are great!

Anonymous said...

Love the snorkel blue jacket! When are we going to get them in the States?