Friday, December 17, 2010

Challenge Tank - First Wearing Report

I wore my new Challenge Tank to spin class this morning with luxtreme crops. It was a pretty cool day here - low 50s and rainy so it was a good day to try it out. I'd have to say I find the silver luon about as warm as regular luon. Definitely not hotter, maybe a touch more breathable. Your upper back and chest are pretty open and it has a mesh back panel so I didn't get super hot but I don't think I'd wear the Challenge to spin class during hot summer weather. I found the tank very supportive and comfortable and I think the tank has a flattering fit on bustier women. I think the material may be a touch thicker than regular luon and it seems to hide flaws (and headlights) better. The tank does slide up when worn with luxtreme bottoms and I had to keep pulling it down during class. I changed into Grooves after class to weight lift and the tank didn't ride up with regular luon. Before I left for the gym, I gave my cat a hug to see how it did against pet hair and it seemed to perform similar to luxtreme in that respect. All in all, I like the tank a lot and will most likely buy other items made of silver luon. Also, the front seams are pretty heavily stitched and when I first wore the tank around the house they were kind of noticeable when I was sitting at the computer but I didn't notice them at all at the gym today. I have also decided to let the tank air out and not wash it after to class to try the non-stink feature. I don't typically have a odor issue with any of Lululemon's fabrics except the circle mesh and a couple colors of my swiftly techs.


Anonymous said...

I have both silver tank tops and love them. I love the design.Both tanks wear very nicely and do not stink after sweaty work out they will be perfect for travel.

Sam said...

do both the tanks have in-built support? I am a G cup, and need my tanks not to have in-built support

Anonymous said...

Yes they do.