Sunday, December 12, 2010

BEST OF 2010 Nominations

So I've been thinking we should review the year and pick our favorite Lululemon item we've bought this year. I have so many that I think it's only fair to break it into at least three categories: technical wear, casual wear, and accessories.The item has to be new for this year. It can be back from a hiatus but something like Groove pants can't be your favorite item. I went through the archives and I've listed the new things I've talked about but I know it's not a comprehensive list. As a bonus we can also discuss Best new color like Static Wish or Heathered Coal Wee Stripe. To help you decide, consider whether you have bought multiple versions of the same tank, bottom, or jacket and if you reach for the same item multiple times a week.

To summarize, nominate: 1) Favorite Technical piece, 2) Casual Piece, 3) Accessory 4) Favorite New Color

JANUARY: All Out Tank, Hot Class Tank, Energize Pant, Cheer Gear Remix, Principle Jacket, Running Visor, Dhristi Bra, Flight Running Bonnet.

FEBRUARY: Flashback Pullover, Flashback Crops, Clarity Vest, Tank on Me Tank, Namaste Pant, Pick Me Up Bra, Too Cool Tunic, Go with the Flow Tank, Devi Crops/Pant/Jacket, Astro Pant, Biker Groove Short, 1st 5 Minute Pullover, Sway Jacket, Sneak a Peak Short, Team Spirit LS, I Just Wanna Run Tank, Pep Tank, Zoom Knee Short, Zoom Bike Short, Zoom Crop

MARCH: Inner Strength Tank, Exhale Jacket, Run for Run Tank, Sheer Delight Tank, Pranothana Crops, Purity Jacket, Layer Me Bra, Pick Me Up Bra, Push UR Limits Tanks, Hot Yogi Tank, Zen Wrap, Run Energy SL Tank, No Limit (wide distribution)

APRIL: Elevate pants, Run Like The Wind Singlet, Get It Started Jacket, Free 2 Be Jacket, Mynah Crop, Mynah Jacket, Latin Dance Top, Latin Dance Pant, Flashback Skirt, Vita Tank Org, Namaste Coverup, Organic Rib Tank, Energy Short Sleeve Top, Vita Crop, Vita Bra

MAY: Half Moon Crop, Half Moon Jacket, Sun Salutation Tank, 50 Rep Bra, Run Sun Blocker Top, Bliss Tank, Run With It Crop, Seek the Peak Jacket, Zoom Singlet Tank, Tracker Short, Tracker Tight, Move Me Pant, Twisted Shoulder Tee, Gather Dance Strap Bra, Stow N Go Jacket, Run Baseball Cap.

JUNE: Halter Hoodie, Spring Fling Tank, Twisted Dress, Twisted Tank, Double Racerback Tank, Shanti Crops, Run With It Vest, Knotty Tank, Gather Dance Strap Bra, Circle Mesh CRB

JULY: Light Me Jersery/Tank/Shorts/Skirt, Cross Train Pullover, Mindful Shorts, Polocrosse Pants, Rock Out Pant, Fouette Tank, Commit Tank, Run Reflection Vest, Revitalize Skirt, Iconic Wrap, Scuba Hoodie, Recharge Tank, Track and Field Jacket, Free To Be Bra, Dance Crop, Fireside Jacket/Pant, Inspire Crop.

AUGUST: Cobra Crop, Run Fast Crop, Eagle Tank, Modern Crewneck, Eagle Short, Swiftly Short, Community Jacket/Pant, Revitalize Tee, Power Within Short, Journey Jacket, Run Fast Shorts,  Scuba Shaped Hoodie, Ulta Crop, Vinyasa Toque, Peace of Mind Vest, Express Yourself Wrap, Art Hoodie Series, Tadasana Pant, Effortless Hoodie, Sage and Twist Pant, Awareness Tank, Audrey Jacket, Yoga Harem Pant.

SEPTEMBER: Inspire Pullover, Run Cross Train Crop, Personal Best Singlet, Swell Jacket, Personal Best Skirt, CRB Mesh Back, Effortless Pant, Inspire Jacket, Insight Tank, Run Ultra Pant, Personal Best Tee, Run Reflection Pullover, Peace of Mind Jacket, Alignment Pant, Bust Stops Here Bra, Flow and Go Tank, Escapade Jacket, Tadasana Jacket, Mindful Tank.

OCTOBER: Pinnacle Jacket, Power Dance Tank, Dog Whisperer Jacket/Pant, Centered Post Tank, Power Pose Crop, Run Dash Tight, Belt It Out Pant, Heart Tank, Live Simply Tee, Awareness Wrap, Cuddle Up Jacket, Hot Racer Bra, Happy Heat Tank, Cabin LS Tee, Dash Tank, Live Simply Pant, Dash LS, Stand Strong Tank

NOVEMBER: Express Yourself Wrap, Candelight Tank, Yogini Dance Pant, Outward Bound Pant, Dash Pullover, Yogi Dance Tank, Run Balance Pullover/Baselayer, Live Simply Jacket, Gym Essential Kit, Alpine Pullover, Post Run Pullover, Alpine Tight, Hustle Tank, Challenge Tank/Jacket/Pant/Crop, Foundation Tank, Yogi Dance Jacket, Ruffled CRB, Chai Time Pullover, Cuddle Up Pant, Liberty Tee, Awareness Wrap.

DECEMBER: Fast Forward Jacket, Inner Awareness Tank, Rejuvenate Jacket, Lift Your Spirits Jacket.


Mel said...

For me, my favorites for technical tanks - No Limit Tank, Flow and Go Tank, I Just Wanna Run Tank, Mesh CRB.

Casual Wear - Liberty Tee, Chai Time Pullover & Post Run Pullover.

Megan said...

Technical: Alpine p/o

Color: Power Purple. Or Static Plum

M said...

Technical - 50 Rep Bra
Casual - Journey Jacket, Cabin LS or Post Run Pullover
Accessory - Flight Running Bonnet
Color - Wish Blue

M said...

Other Technical Piece I forgot to add - Outward Bound Pants

Tessa's Mom said...

fav technical piece - tracker short, dash line (crop/pant/pullover)

fav casual piece - cuddle up jacket

fav accessory - running hat

fav new color - wish blue

Anonymous said...

Technical piece: 50 Rep Bra

Casual: Hustle pant

Accessory: Travel Pooch V (black)

New Color: Plum

ChiRunner said...


Tech Piece: Lots of faves here - Clarity Vest, 1st 5 Minutes Pullover, No Limit Tank, Circle Mesh CRB, Run: Cross Train Pullover.

Casual: Liberty Tee

Accessory: Flight Running Bonnet

Colors: Plum and any of the Coal Stripes

ojodeazul said...

Tech: No limits tank & outward bound pants

Casual:I love my modern v necks and my scubas

Accessory: Skinny Satin Headbands

Color: Passion/Senorita Pink

Prairie80 said...

1) Favorite Technical piece - Power Dance Tank (I have 2)
2) Casual Piece - Studio Pants
3) Accessory - Bon Voyage Duffel
4) Favorite New Color - Dahlia Purple (I just got a new scuba in this colour, and I think I love it more than Plum or Lolo!

Kathy said...

Fav technical - push ur limits, Zoom bike shorts & zoom knee shorts, outward bound pants

Fav accessory - running hat

Fav color - citron and wish blue

Quincey said...

Fav Tech: Run Dash Pullover (Static Charcoal) - I wear it ALL the time.

Casual Piece: Studio Pants - Lined-- like butta'!!

Fav Accessory: (Vinyasa) Legwarmer (for running) and Merino Gray Legwarmer (can't remember the style name - great for casual with Wunder Unders) -- fabulous for my little cold skinny legs.

Fav Color: Wish Blue or Static Power Purple

missologist said...

def. the no limit tank for me! i haven't bought a damn thing from lulu since the no limit tank was out. everything else (tops wise) imho tanks

hann said...

1) 50 rep bra- Not only is it supportive, it looks funky under my dance bodysuits

2)Dance Studio Pant II- SO COMFY I wear them every wear to school, the dance studio, after swim practices.

3)Fast in flight tote- I use this as my backpack, dance and gym bag. I holds so much and is of amazing quality. No rips or pulls and I stuff alot in it.

4)Multi Poncho Stripe- Love this fun print. I wish Lulu would come out withall the flower, polka dot prints they used to have.