Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lululemon BEST OF 2010 - My Picks

Ugh, it's hard for me to pick a favorite new technical piece this year. My favorite new technical piece is definitely going to be a tank. It's hard for me to decide which. I have a group of favorites - I've bought three Push UR Limits, three Zoom Singlets, two SE Circle Mesh CRBs (would get more except for limited colors), and I bought two Power Dance Tanks. I also like the Heart Tank and Energy SL a lot but just have bought one of those to date due to color limitations. Those would be my personal picks.

However, I think I will have to pick the Power Dance Tank as my favorite new tank. It's supportive, super comfortable, breathable, lightweight, and gives good coverage. It works on large or small busted ladies and both slender and not-so-slender figures. It's very versatile - you can wear it to spin or yoga or to weight lift. All in all it is a great tank and I hope to see more. I wish I had bought the other two colors because they are impossible to find now.

Power Dance Tank - My Pick for Best New Technical Piece of 2010

For accessory, I choose the Baseball Running Hat. I probably wear a Lululemon hat at least 4 days a week. It's great to cover bed-head when you are running the kids to school or keeping the sun out of your eyes at soccer games. Love, love, love this hat. I hope they come out with more, particularly in Wish Blue and other blues. My other favorite accessory would be a Mesh Headband but they are not new to this year.

Baseball Running Cap - My Pic for Best Accessory of 2010

My top pick for the best new casual piece of 2010 is probably the choice of a lot of people, the Scuba Hoodie. I wasn't ever a Remix Hoodie fan and couldn't understand how some people could love them enough to amass 18 in their closet but all my issues with the Remix were addressed in the Scuba - longer length, softer material, not so boxy. I am now a huge Scuba fan and slowly building my collection. I don't think I'll ever get to 18 but I might get to half a dozen or so. My other favorite casual item is the Cabin long sleeve Tee.

Scuba Hoodie - My Pick for Best New Casual Piece of 2010

Finally, my favorite new color of 2010. It is a tie between Heathered Coal Wee Stripe - I think I have four items with that pattern - and Static Wish Blue. However, Static Wish Blue is a lot of fun, so that is going to be my choice.

Static Wish Blue -  My Pick for Best New Color

Tell us your picks, either in this post or the last one.


Anonymous said...

1) Favorite Technical piece - Can't choose one from 2010 im a cool racerback girl but i do regret not getting the power dance tank.
2) Casual Piece- SCUBA! Im so glad they redesigned the remix, iv only kept one remix which is a print that i love. i already have 5 scubas and i only ever had 3 remixes which i was never in love with
3) Accessory - the baseball hat in black. or my on the move gym bag which i used everyday this summer.
4) Favorite New Color - All the recent purples! Love love love purple.

pilatesmom said...

Technical piece:
Eagle bra - cool for sweaty activities and the only bra that doesn't make my small chest even smaller.
Casual piece: SCUBA. Perfection. Nuf said.
Accessory: Vinyasa Scarf!
Color: All the statics but love static wish. Fave color combo is citron with coal.

Items that have been getting a lot of play recently:
dash ls, dash pullover, peace of mind vest, hustle pant, post run pant.

momof5 said...

Tech Piece -- No Limit
Accessory - Visor (forget the name -- the one that has the little bow in back)
Casual Piece - Cabin Long Sleeve
Color -- Foxy Plaid in Savage/Potion

M said...

momof5 - Flight Running Visor :-)

RunMama said...

1) Favorite Technical piece, Inspire Jacket.

2) Casual Piece, Tie-breaker bt. my grey Cuddle Up and my senorita pink Scuba. Also my Cabin LS's, love all three.

3) Accessory, last year's and this year's edition of the Brisk Run Gloves. I too love my lulu baseball caps though.

4) Favorite New Color, angel blue.

Glow said...

1) Technical piece- I agree, Power Dance Tank. Super versatile and great for many figures.

2) Casual- I'd have to say the Cuddle Up. I like the embellishments on it, and the lack of hood. (Scuba is nice too, but I don't even have one yet, oddly)

3) Accessory- Hottie Hot Yoga Bag. Finally a smaller option that is still fairly useful.

4) Color- Static wish blue, and plum.

Marci said...

1) Technical - I agree with you - Power Dance Tank

2) Casual - Cuddle up jacket

3) Accesory - Hot yoga bag... love the size of this bag.

4) Colour - plum

RunningOnCoffee said...

Technical: I Just Wanna Run Tech SL

Casual: I got a lot of use out of my Flashback Jacket!

Accessory: Run Baseball Cap

Color: heathered coal wee stripe (I don't have any static wish blue- but I do love plain wish blue!)

Other items from this year that I got a lot of wear out of: the Run: Fast Short, the Zoom Singlet, zoom crop. Hard to comment on colder items I have since we've been lucky with weather so far, but I anticipate using the Alpine Pullover & Inspire jacket lots more!

Anonymous said...

What about the biggest flops of the year? What do you think luluaddict?

Pattybea said...

Technical: No limit tank

Casual: Cabin LS

Accessory: No fav this year, though I did buy the little backpack...

Color: I guess the wee stripe

Been buying more retro lulu lately and love the power y's and ujjayi y's print tanks that I have been able to obtain. Love having the older prints that no one else has...

Anonymous said...

Didn't like either the Power Dance Tank and the No Limits Tank that everyone loved. It made me look so prego. For me it was the Scoop Neck tank. Loved the White Denim Define Jacket. Remix Hoodie was okay for length wise but you are right, it is boxy. However, the old Remix Hoodie Lux is a dream. Longer length and super soft.