Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yogi Dance Tank - Too Poufy in the Midsection?

OK - not fair, she actually is poufy  ;-) 

Past babydoll style tanks for your comparison.

 The Tucks in the Yogi Dance Tank - # and position - are similar to the Bulerias Tank

Bulerias tucks gone bad

 Fouette - Tucks done right

Power Dance - The Luon Sheer lays (lies?) a lot flatter than luon light

Yogi Dance Tank Product Info:

-Lightweight, low support tank provides openness and breathability during your Hatha class
-Bust - luon®, breathable with coverage, cotton-feel, 4-way stretch providing support and allowing freedom of movement
-Body - Hip length, luon light®, loose, lightweight, breathable
-Adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit right for you
-Mesh braconstruction with built-in pockets for removable cups
- $58
- Sizes 2 - 10
- Black, Haze, Coal/Very Violet, Very Violet/Black, Persimmon/Coal


Michelle Q said...

When I tried the Yogi Dance in my regular size 6, I looked a lot like the model in the "Bulerias Gone Bad" photo. Something about the pleating on the sides did wrong by me. I have a gather dance strap tank and the pleats are similar on that one as well. I carry my weight in my middle, though, so I love these looser fitting tops, but this didn't work. I love the chest portion, though, so maybe on markdown I would consider an 8.

By contrast, I have 3 colors of the Fouette tank. I love this one - the center pleating totally worked on me - not too poofy at all. The Power Dance also doesn't poof out badly on me, but I ended up returning it because I was worried about the Luon Sheer snagging over time.

I do think the Yogi dance looks cute on some of the models above, but I'm thinking they have flatter tummies and perkier boobs than me. ;-)

Anonymous said...

i think its a really cute tank but i am worried about the boob logistics and being mistaken for being pregnant.

love my power dance tank....just wore it this morning with a bra to run in and right to hot yoga afterwards. very comfy. would love it in another color. perfect for the well endowed.

LuluAddict said...

I love my Power Dance tanks, too. I would pick up the other two colors but it looks like they're out in my size.

Contessa said...

I just tried on the Yogi today and the pleats on me looked horrible. I have 2 of the Power dance tanks and you are correct that the luon sheers lays flatter. I personally love the Power Dance Tanks and in regards to my chest, it really does not have the support of the Power dance either.

This is for sure a pass for me!

momof5 said...

THe photo of the pregnant lady is the exact reason I turned off by this tank -- it looks great on her -- but shes pregnant -- I dont want to look pregnant LOL!!

Jaye said...

What pants is the pregnant lady wearing?? They look so comfortable, I want a pair!!

Btw- LuluAddict, I love this site! I don't live close to a store, so I love knowing what's coming soon and about products that don't make it to the website :)