Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Very Violet Run: Balance Pullover (Wool)

Very Violet Run: Balance Pullover

So it looks like this top comes in Black, Wish, and Very Violet.

Product Details:
  • Performance mid-layer made of 100% merino wool: natural, renewable & technical!
  • Wool absorbs sweat without feeling damp against your skin - perfect for extended winter activity.
  • Provides extra warmth without extra layers!
  • Cuffins with thumbholes for warm hands!
  • Secure key pocket 
  • Sizes 4-12
  • Chafe resistant - flat seamed
  • $128


Zanna said...

This looks like its too big for the model.

RunMama said...

Nice! The ruching on the front reminds me of my Run: Energy Pullover. A subtle, feminine detail that flatters all.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what I love about new product? It means old product will be marked down!!

LuluAddict said...

Anon - You are funny! I am waiting for the "we made too much" section to get marked down but they are holding fast to the prices. I am hoping they'll have some markdowns for Black Friday.

Canadian eh said...

I think the Pullovers would have looked better in Lolo purple than Very Violet (even though we're all sick of Lolo). And where are the white pullovers? I'd love a white pullover .... Wool would be gorgeous in white....

Anonymous said...

@ Canadian eh - I agree with you about the colors. Why are they releasing all these pullovers in the same colors? Obviously, to same money.. but it makes everything look the same. I want to see more variation with colors. This blows.

Anonymous said...

Someone posted yesterday that the wool feels scratchy is it? Did anyone have the chance to try it on? It does look big around the chest area.

momof5 said...

Can anyone confirm if the very violet looks a little Barney the Dinosaur-ish -- i think in a jacket/pullover it might just be too much, i would be humming that song to myself the whole time i wear it! -- its hard to tell from online pics though--it might be really pretty