Saturday, November 13, 2010

Turn Your Scuba Into a Pillow! Wait, What??

From an Australian product alert email, the Scuba-illow:

Can't say this idea excites me much. I'd much rather have a circle mesh long sleeve tee or running luon pajamas but whatever floats your boat.

Product Information:
  • Cozy jacket designed to zip into itself to create a pillow for traveling!
  • Warm, thick, preshrunk cotton fleece
  • Stretch side panels create perfect custom fit
  • Built-in zipper garage to keep the zipper from chafing your chin
  • Large, deep hood & high scuba collar to keep your head and neck warm!
  • Thumbholes for keeping hands warm and sleeves in place


Shelly said...

already obsessed...I'm dying to find out when it will be available in Southern California!

Anonymous said...

wait a second. isn't it summer in australia? i'm sure they really need this.

Glow said...

... What the heck? It's kind of a neat idea but I'm not sure I would really get much use out of it. Wouldn't the hoodie look somewhat crinkly after you convert it back to wearing mode after being a pillow for a long drive/flight/etc.?
Running luon pjs would be pretty nice though. I've always wanted Lulu to make pajamas, but I don't see it being likely. :P

Aussie gal said...

Haha it was just the picture on the email it wasn't the Scuba that they were actually talking about so there is no more info on it, not even sure if it is available at stores here or not. Yes indeed we are heading into summer, although for most of the country you wouldn't know it yet! I guess because Scuba's are the new Remix they are a staple item and available all year round.

Aussie gal said...

Oh and I think the concept is great for travelling but useless any other time! But I still like the idea and am curious how it works, is it something we have been able to do all along maybe!

Anonymous said...

When it gets too warm out you can take it off and carry it in its tote, otherwise carrying a Scuba around is too bulky.

Anonymous said...

Running luon pjs would be amazing! pants with the shape of the stills id be in love.

Anonymous said...

I liked it better not seeing the model's face. This model seems a bit too forced w/ the very HUGE grinning smile...don't like. Also don't like the too bright white background---it glares & hurts a bit!

Anonymous said...

I like the old poses better because it was closer to camera and you could see the little details better. Buying online is a pain as it is by playing the guessing game for sizes. At least the older pose I could see the product better.