Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Try On Review of Stand Strong Tank (nice!) and Shopping Trip Report

I tried on the Stand Strong tank and I've got to say I really liked it. I think it is a great tank for sweaty workouts.  (I am a huge fan of luxtreme for any sweaty activity - it is much cooler feeling than luon) The Power Luxtreme is definitely thicker than regular luxtreme but it is very breathable. I think Lululemon has made the switch to an all-Power luxtreme tank to help hide belly imperfections. I know a lot of  people complain that regular luxtreme is just too thin and you can see every dimple through it. That isn't the case with the Power Luxtreme. You will still see overall bumps but it won't show a slight pucker from an appendectomy scar like regular luxtreme will. I also think this tank looks better on a bustier woman, or at least women with a more hour-glass shape. It definitely has enough fabric up top to accommodate a larger bust. That being said, I would not call it a moderate support tank if you are larger busted. The luxtreme is just too stretchy even with the cups in. To offer true moderate support the straps need some heavy duty elastic sew inside them like those found in the Push UR Limits tanks. I tried on the tank with my Champion Powerback bra on and a little of the straps pokes out at the bottom and top in the back. This is how I would wear it if wanted to do a moderate impact activity wearing this tank. I thought the length was fine and not at all short. It is about 1/2-3/4" shorter than a Power Y when I compared them on the hangers. As for the front seams that point to your ladyparts, I thought the seaming was much more subtle in the Very Violet model than the Haze tank. I might have bought this tank if it came in a pattern or print but there were a couple of other new tanks I liked more today. I will keep my eye on this tank, though. I am always on the lookout for a good tank to sweat in.

 Slightly Different Static Wish Blues- on left: luon light in CRB. On right:regular luon in Power Y.

I went to the store today hoping to pick up the new Static Wish Blue CRB and the Multi Poncho Stripe Power Y. The photo above is a comparison of the static wish blue in the CRB (on the left) and the Power Y (on the right). The material used in the Static Wish Blue CRB is softer, silkier, and thinner feeling than that used in the static wish Power Y. The CRB has the luon light verion of static. As you can see, it has a little less white in the pattern. I ended up buying the Static Wish CRB today. The static CRBs felt on the loose side compared to the regular CRB and I went back and forth with sizing down but ended up going with my regular size.

I also ended up buying the Wish/Multi-Poncho Power Y. I just love how colorful and dynamic it is. It is also a great top to match with many things since it has so many colors in it. I have an Alfalfa Power Y that I am planning to layer under it because the Power Y doesn't cut it support-wise for me at the gym. However, I am pretty sure they aren't going to make another tank where the entire body is the striped pattern. They might make a Scoop Neck but I prefer the Power Y. I do love Power Ys for around the house/streetwear in the warmer months.

I saw this new headband - static very violet - in the store today but I really need a static wish blue one. I also hope they come out with a poncho stripe headband.

My store also had the Shady Brimmed Beanies marked down to $19. It's almost 100 degrees here today but I can't see them selling many of these anyway. It only gets cold enough for a knit cap about once a year here.

I was hoping to try on the new static wish wunder unders but my store didn't get them yet. They mostly had in the newest CRBs, Power Ys, Defines, and Stride Jackets. I only get a new jacket if there is a color I can't live without or a new style that looks really interesting. I did briefly consider getting a new Wish Blue Stride to match my new tanks but the latest Wish Define has an inner collar lined with Static Gray. I'll wait to see what else comes out in Wish Blue jackets.


Glow said...

Your try-on review on the stand strong tank has convinced me to go check it out myself! I wasn't going to bother with it (since I tend to think of luxtreme as emphasizing one's imperfections), but perhaps this power luxtreme won't be as unflattering on me (my tummy isn't perfect, but it's not noticable with most of lulu's materials besides luxtreme). I am still unsure about the unfortunate "down arrow" stitching, but maybe it won't look too bad. Thank you for your informative review!

LuluAddict said...

I would definitely try it on. The "down arrow" is not as noticeable in person. I think it's easy to focus on it in a static photo but I don't think it really draws your eye in person. I think the power luxtreme is an improvement over regular luxtreme as far as revealing imperfections. It's not as good as full weight luon, but I find full weight luon freakin' hot for sweaty workouts indoors. I used to like luon just fine until I discovered the more breathble and wicking fabrics like luxtreme, circle mesh, and silverescent and now I can't go back unless it's really chilly outside and it never is here.

RunningOnCoffee said...

Thanks for the Stand Strong review.

Stand Strong Product notification pictures for my local store:

Yogini93 said...

@LuluAddict- Does the stand strong tank have a high neckline? What lulu tankshave the highest necklines?

LuluAddict said...

@ yogini 93 - I was trying to find your previous question. Let me make a separate post about that to help answer your question.

Anonymous said...

The stand strong tank sadly did not work for me. It runs slightly large and was too big for me in the chest, esp. at the top rim. I am tiny, I admit, small chested too but I can wear 4's and 6's in the Push UR Limits and Scoop neck and wear a 4 in other tanks and this 4 was very big and baggy on me. I did really like it though and I wish it fit me better.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 9:06 pm - I think the Stand Strong is designed with bustier women in mind - it just has that look - higher neckline and thicker straps. I think the Push UR limits is a much more supportive tank than the Stand Strong. Have you tried the Commit Tank? That is also a luxtreme tank and I don't think it runs as large in the chest.

Anonymous said...

LuluAddict, thanks for the suggestions on the other styles. Even though I have no chest, my workouts are all high bounce and I like the super supportive tanks vs. the low support. The center pose tank (I think that is the name) looked really nice on me when I tried it on - perfect fit, flattering, etc. but it is low support and I just don't prefer those when I am bouncing around in class. I don't think I've tried the Commit so I will give it a shot.

LuluAddict said...

@ Anon - I'm trying to think of super supportive Lulu tanks but I can only come up with the Push and the Commit. The Heart Tank is pretty good, too, since the straps aren't overly stretchy and you could cinch them tightly.

I can't take the bounce anymore so I've switched to wearing the shell tanks with my own bra underneath or doubling up with a Flow Y or All Sport.