Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Try On Review - Alignment Tank - Uncomfortable

The new Alignment tank comes in solid Wish Blue, solid Persimmon, and Haze with Coal Accents. This is another tank that only goes to a size 10. This tank fits smaller through the chest than the Heart and Happy Heat tank since I was spilling out over the top. The fit through the chest reminded me of the Tadasana tank. Although the ribbon detailing is what makes this tank, I found it really uncomfortable. It is very stiff over the belly. You can see this in some of the photos - the ribbon dictates how it folds over your stomach. I could feel the hard lines cutting into my stomach as I bent over in the dressing room to retrieve items off the bench. I can't imagine using this in a yoga or pilates class. I also felt every ribbon on the chest area. That could be because the girls were really stuffed into the tank but it was really irritating. Also, as you can see in the photo above, my brand new out of the box tank had a pull in the ribbed luon area. Just an FYI if you try this tank on, look for pulls in the ribbed area. Wasn't ribbed luon an issue in the Stride Jackets? All in all, one of the more uncomfortable tanks I've tried on in a long time.


Neph said...

I think the alignment tank is incredibly unflattering in every picture I've seen of it. The way the cups bisect the boobs seems universally unflattering. I think you'd have to have a hefty rack not to look flat, and even then firm enough not to be smooshed down by the seam. Ick!

andrea2251 said...

I actually love the look of the Alignment Tank. It's very disappointing to find out that it's uncomfortable. What's the point of high end yoga/workout gear if it's uncomfortable!

Glow said...

I also dislike the stiffness of the ribbon detailing. I noticed that it looks like it's kind of rippling if it's not fitting skin-tight.